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Safety on trail

Hi, I've been riding the Katy Trail (Eastern section) for about 2 months with my husband and son on the weekends. I'd like to ride some sections alone during the week. How safe is it for a woman to ride alone? It seems fine, but I thought that I would ask, and get feedback from all of you. Thanks.
posted May 14 2006 8:14AM - pas, Wentzville

I've ridden all sections of the trail along with many rides on the western section alone. I've never had any problems or felt threatened by anyone. My only problem was a VERY angry BIG dog that came running out of the woods at me between Clinton and Windsor. It chased me for about 1/4 mile but I was able to outrun it. I now carry pepper spray just in case we meet again (and I think my husband feels better knowing I have it handy when I ride alone).
posted May 14 2006 8:55AM - MAH, KCMO

Just rode the ~150 miles from Boonville to St. Charles on the trail as a woman alone and I must say it felt safer than the ~150 miles on the roads between KC Airport and Boonville. Which I am assured was safer than the ride between KC Airport and Clinton would have been! Don't worry, trust your instincts, carry pepper spray - it would be hard to pull out quick unless you engineer it right, but just knowing you have it keeps your confidence up. For dogs too, not that I met a scary one this trip, but it can happen.

posted May 14 2006 10:33AM - sharron sussman, Julian California

Thanks, I appreciate the advice! The pepper spray is a great idea, I will find some this week.
posted May 15 2006 7:14AM - pas, Wentzville

HALT is what I carry. It will clip onto your brake cable. I have been riding the trail by myself
for years and have never had any personal safety issues. I have had to spray a dog or two,
but I think the Trail is as safe as it gets (however safe that is!).
posted May 15 2006 6:56PM - sbikes, Kansas City

Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I made it out on the trail today "solo", with mace and cell phone in tow. I had a wonderful time! I did an easy 25 miles, and I felt so relaxed after I finished! I will certainly do it again. Thanks again
posted May 18 2006 7:52PM - pas, Wentzville

Riding alone can be a wonderful experience. I like to ride with companions, but I truly
treasure those solo bike rides. It seems the bike gives my body something to do so that the
creative parts of my brain can soar. I have resolved many issues while out on my bike riding
by myself. enjoy!
posted May 18 2006 9:14PM - sbikes, Kansas City

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