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There are several of us riding the Katy this fall and we would like to stay in Washington but know there is no way to ride across the bridge safely. I am looking for recommendations to cross the bridge. We would like to stay at the Super 8.
posted Aug 6 2014 7:56AM - KB , Lee's Summit

How about staying in Marthasville instead? I can highly recommed "The Little House", a 2 bedroom house with a pull out couch in the living room. The owner checks you in, gives you the key, and leaves you alone. Good food options in town, and 100 yards from the trail. Perfect for 2-maybe 7 people.
posted Aug 6 2014 11:55AM - ArkyKenny

This has a possibility as there will be 2-3 guys staying. We typically get our own rooms. It makes sense being closer to the trail. Thanks!!
posted Aug 6 2014 1:10PM - KB, Lee's Summit

I wouldn't cross that bridge on a bet. I would get a $5 bill out and smile and hold up to a pick up going over. Drivers will know what you want. Bet you get a ride in a few minutes and the guy will refuse your five bucks.
posted Aug 6 2014 2:57PM - Billy, Mokane

Struck out with the Little House in Marthasville and waiving a $5 bill may work! If anyone has any other thoughts that would be great.
posted Aug 11 2014 8:43AM - KB, Lee's Summit

Pick a town click a link, and stay anywhere. Worst case scenario is that you get up and move on the next day. Or bring hammocks and use this website to give you in info to camp a night or two. Roll the dice......
posted Aug 11 2014 9:16AM - ArkyKenny

Like Arky and Billy said move on to McKittrick and cross into Hermann with better odds for a hotel or B&B.
posted Aug 12 2014 5:42PM - Anonoh

Or contact the cab in Washington and see if they can transport bikes.
posted Aug 12 2014 6:43PM - Anonymous

You might try an add on Craigslist St.Louis for a ride wanted. Somebody in Washington area just might respond. Tell them how many riders you would have so that they would know if they had a vehicle that would work.
posted Aug 12 2014 7:08PM - Doug, Bluffton

Call Revolution Cycles in Washington. They'll take care of you.
posted Aug 13 2014 5:55AM - Hank

Thanks for the suggestions. I would have thought there would be an easier way to get you into Washington.
posted Aug 19 2014 12:44PM - KB, Lee's Summit

Unfortunately it is an old bridge never intended for bike travel, and the situation is not likely to improve any time soon.
posted Aug 19 2014 4:04PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Here's a link to the story -- The highway commission has approved a new bridge with protected bike/pedestrian lanes. Washington is a wonderful town and this will help Katy Trail riders enjoy it!!
posted Aug 20 2014 11:44AM - Bike Rider, Kansas City

Stay in Downtown Washington at the Brick INN. We shuttle you from and to the Katy Trail for $20.oo total. Downtown Washington has more to offer than any other town except St. Charles on the Katy Trail.
posted Sep 18 2015 3:35PM - Art Winters, Washington MIssouri

I'm supposed to catch Amtrak home from Washinngton but not sure if bridge is good idea or other option. Is Washington accessible by bike yet?
posted Sep 21 2016 9:53AM - Anonymous, Belleville

i have no idea. Maybe just "take the lane" and just ride across the bridge in bright clothing. You will take two minutes out of the day whoever is behind you. It works. No one will run you over and you don't have to let them pass until you are on the other side. Own the road.
posted Sep 21 2016 11:59PM - Anonymous

The bridge over the Missouri River at Washington is not even safe for cars. I would not bike across it. Last year I stayed at a B & B in Washington, I think it was called River View B & B, and they will shuttle you across the river to the Katy Trail. They only have 2 rooms, but it was a wonderful place, with a deck off the rooms that had a great view of the river.
posted Sep 22 2016 12:27AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

We biked to Hermann from Augusta and took the train from Augusta to stay the night in Washington. We used Around N About (636) 239-1352 to transport us and our bikes back to the Katy Trail. They arrived within 15 minutes of us calling them. They had a bike rack that was super easy to load the bikes unto.
posted Sep 26 2016 3:51PM - Lori, Winfield, MO

I called them and discussed. They said it was about $2.00/mile, so from Dutzow, it would be about $10, plus $5.00 for each additional bike. That means 2 bikes from Dutzow to Washington Amtrak should be $15. I'm alone, so $10 to ensure a safe trip to the train from Dutzow. Not bad.

I'm going to ride there and see about crossing the bridge on bike, just to see how difficult/dangerous. I'm also going to check out Hermann for hammock camping to see how accessible it is. Just a small fact-finding trip to satisfy my curiosity. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

Thanks for the info, Lori.
posted Sep 27 2016 8:53PM - Gone Awol, Collinsville

Info on the company.

For transportation services, including to schedule a ride, people may call 636-239-1352. The company can be reached by email at aroundnabout@att.net
posted Sep 27 2016 8:57PM - Gone Awol, Collinsville

We have ridden across that bridge on our bikes...not a good idea. Options for you: call the Washington police and have them escort you, which they've done in the past. Or wave the $5 as was previously suggested and someone in a pickup truck will give you a ride. You could also create a sign asking for a ride across the bridge and hold it at the Dutzow Katy trail crossing and someone will likely give you a ride. Good luck.
posted Oct 5 2016 3:45PM - Joe, Wildwood MO

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