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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
No detour offered.

I'm planning on riding the trail from Clinton to St. Charles the second week of September and MO State Parks has this on their website:

"Two bridges are being replaced on the Katy Trail near Providence Boat Ramp (MP 166.2) and at Wilton (MP 157.4). Construction will begin Monday, Aug. 4 and is anticipated to be completed by Friday, Sept. 19. During this time, the trail will be closed from McBaine Trailhead (MP 169.5) to Providence Boat Ramp (MP 165.5) as there is no detour option. Signs and barriers will be erected warning trail users of the closure. Users should avoid this area and not go beyond the barriers."

Any suggestions for re-routes to avoid this section?
posted Aug 12 2014 7:51AM - Awf Hand

So, if I had taken the time to read down a few threads I'd have gotten my answer. I'll do this now.
posted Aug 12 2014 7:54AM - Awf Hand

Let me know what you find out on this thread. I don't think there is a great answer on the earlier thread. I'm riding the third week in September. Maybe the work will be done by then... Any chance of a bootleg trail?
posted Aug 12 2014 8:48AM - Sean, Cleveland, OH

Guys the bridge closure thread has some ideas and people willing to transport you around the bridge closures.
posted Aug 12 2014 5:38PM - Anonoh

@ Sean, The alternative route that had been mentioned in the thread was:
Start out going southeast on S Katy St toward W Route K/MO-K.
0.08 mi
2. Turn slight left onto W Route K/MO-K.
1.5 mi
3. Turn slight right onto S Mount Celestial Rd.
0.9 mi
4. Take the 1st right onto S Warren School Rd.
If you reach W Route K you've gone about 0.2 miles too far
1.6 mi
5. Turn right onto S Old Plank Rd.

A friend of mine who is from that area and who has traveled those roads verified that they would be challenging for casual riders or riders who are riding a bike less-suited for off-road riding. I’m guessing that would be why the MO State Parks did not designate this as a detour as they don’t want to send casual weekenders on a wild ride.
I’ve done singletrack centuries and raced MTB’s for years, and I’ll be on an MTB tandem (with gearing and tires for off road) so I’m less concerned about the surface conditions than others might be. I think it’s awesome that Gary near Tebetts has offered to help shuttle folks around this closure. What a fantastic community that has developed around this trail!! If you’re not prepared for climbing or rugged conditions, I would suggest you contact Gary at the e-mail he offered in the other thread. A friend along the trail can only be a good thing.
posted Aug 15 2014 7:58AM - Awf Hand

Thanks. I'm going to keep my eye on the forum. My ride isn't until mid-September. I'm probably going to try this detour. A few hills on some country roads shouldn't be that bad.
posted Aug 16 2014 7:37AM - Sean, Cleveland, OH

Yes, the other bridge closure thread had the same directions, which I looked at on Google maps. I used the street view for Hwy K and it has a narrow bicycle lane and doesn't look too bad. We decided to go as far down K as we could and then cut back on Mt Celestial to Warren School and so on. Those roads are all gravel with hills. Still, we've done road cycling with hills and will try it ourselves the week of Sept. 6 - 12th. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that may try this alternate route before we go and hopefully post the results here.
posted Aug 22 2014 12:22PM - Dorothy and Brian, Belleville IL

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