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An “inside” look at our August 2014 Katy Trip

I thought I’d post a link with details about our most recent trek across the Katy trail. It includes lots of pictures of many of the places we stayed. I realize it’s largely a glorified slideshow of me and my family, but hey. From researching our trip, I know that many of the lodging providers don’t have good websites, some none at all. To help those searching this forum in the future, we rode the Amtrak Missouri River Runner Train from Kirkwood to Sedalia and we stayed at The Hotel Bothwell (Sedailia), Isle of Capri Casino (Boonville), The Globe Hotel (Hartsburg), The Turner Katy Shelter (Tebbetts), Joey’s Birdhouse (McKittrick), Klondike Park Cabin (Augusta). Here’s the link: http://www.schmidt.us.com/katy-2014.html. I hope it provides some benefit to someone who’s researching a similar trip.
posted Sep 9 2014 10:26AM - Ed Schmidt, South St. Louis City

Thanks Ed. This is great. I'm taking a very similar trip in a week. When you say that you had to pick up some items that weren't allowed on the train, can you be more specific? Anything to be worried about? Was the loading of the bikes on the train pretty easy? I admit getting my bike on the train with no issues is the one big thing out of my control.
posted Sep 9 2014 12:58PM - Sean, Cleveland, OH

Sean, the items that I'm referring to were a fuel tank for my camp stove and a decent pocket knife. They are listed on the Amtrak website as prohibited, but at no point are your bags checked anywhere, so we probably would have been fine to bring them. I'll leave that decision up to you. Getting the bikes on and off the train was no issue at all. Bring a small bungee cord if your bringing more than one bike to lash them together; there's no bike rack of any sorts on the train, just an open space to park your bikes. You'll be sitting only a few seats away from them so you'll be able to keep an eye on them. Good Luck.
posted Sep 9 2014 2:04PM - Ed Schmidt, South St. Louis City

Fantastic. Thanks so much. Looking at your pics made me that much more excited for my trip. It'll be my first time on the trail. Hoping for good weather.
posted Sep 9 2014 3:02PM - Sean, Cleveland, OH

Ah, Ed, thank you for sharing your pics! As I looked at them, I thought, yeah, I know that spot! We've taken the same picture! It is such a treat to ride the KATY--great people, great views--the brain goes off and the heart takes over! Congrats to your entire family for this accomplishment. Go to bikecando.com and check out the GAP-C&O trail and you might be planning your next trip!! Happy peddling and blessings!
posted Sep 10 2014 8:16AM - Fruita Riders

You can't beat the Globe Hotel or Joey's Birdhouse. Remember if you are coming thru Hartsburg on October 11 and 12th there will be 40,000 or 50,000 people in town for the annual Pumpkin Festival so plan ahead.
posted Sep 10 2014 4:32PM - M Rodemeyer

Good stuff. Looks like you two had fun and will have an experience you can talk about for years.
posted Sep 10 2014 5:04PM - Billy, Mokane

Thanks for sharing this! Just loved all the detail I was able to gather from your lovely and fun pictures. We are going in October and this made me even more excited!
posted Apr 19 2015 4:15PM - KC, Austin

Enjoyed your pictures and blog of your Katy Ride. It's my favorite place to ride :-) . How was it going from Machens to Our Lady of the Rivers? Was it all road riding...was there a shoulder...how far was it? Sounds like something to put on my list of rides!
posted Apr 19 2015 5:29PM - MAH, Blue Springs

Thanks,,, your pics and comments mirror our trip from early May of 2014... The Globe Hotel is a great place, and the Tibetts shelter was a life saver, it gave us a change to warm up and dry out after 3 days of constant rain.
posted Apr 20 2015 6:44AM - Gary Blevins, Lake Frederick

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