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Theft Concerns?

Is it safe to leave a bike locked up overnight near a trailhead, or anyplace one can safely stow a bike? We'll be staying overnight near New Franklin with friends who have no easy way to transport our bikes to their home (and they're several very difficult miles off-road). TIA.
posted Jan 22 2015 12:41PM - Donna, Kansas City, MO

I would talk to the folks at the Katy Roundhouse about leaving them there. Even if you have to pay a nominal fee it would be better than taking a chance leaving them at a trailhead in my opinion.
posted Jan 22 2015 1:03PM - Jim, St Thomas

I have been through New Franklin and there are LOTS of pickups in that farming area. Would your friends be willing to ask a neighbor to borrow a pickup for a half an hour?
posted Jan 22 2015 3:08PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

Thanks for suggestions. Relatives have distaste for Katy riders (long story ... some other relatives set out too late, got caught in the dark, called at 9 PM to come get them on the trail at Pilot Grove --- they had to borrow pickup then and are still complaining about it three years later!). Trying to make it as easy as possible for them this time, no drama or going out of the way. I'll talk to Katy Roundhouse.
posted Jan 22 2015 3:38PM - Donna, Kansas City, MO

You didn't state a timetable, so here is my $.02 worth. A U-haul dealer in Boonville about 5.1 miles away. Could rent a trailer, pick-up, or minivan. Or go to a local tavern or restaurant and I bet you could find someone willing to deliver your bikes for a small fee. If it was about 100 miles closer, I would do it for free.
posted Feb 2 2015 10:06AM - Recumbent Gezer, East Central, MO

Gezer, thanks for that! We've actually decided to forego the relative's home in favor of an overnight in Rocheport. Easier that way.
posted Feb 2 2015 11:14AM - Donna, Kansas City, MO

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