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Need help with trip plannning / data gathering

I need some help from those who are familiar with the trail. I'm planning a trip for late summer, but I was looking at the map between Boonville and St. Charles and was wondering: As you travel the trail, between what mile markers are views of the river, vs. no view of the river? Has anyone collected this data before?

For example, it looks like Klondike Trail Head is on the river, but at what mile marker coming from St. Charles does the river come into view as you approach the Klondike Trail Head. Then, at what mile marker does the river go out of view as you ride West? Do the campgrounds in Klonkike Park have a river view (in the summer with leaves on the trees)?

Then it looks like there's no view until Bernheimer Rd, then a view for a short distance to Cullum Branch/Lost Creek area, but what are the actual mile markers? Or perhaps there is a view of the river as you ride further west, but on the map, the trail only looks too far removed to have a river view, but really isn't, especially if it's on a bluff.

I have not been able to find this data in any KATY reference material. Only you fortunate ones who get to ride the trail often can answer this question, and I'm asking for your help. I'll build a little table of data from the responses. Who knows--maybe the webmaster may include it on this website. For me, I like to camp or unwind where I can watch the river; it's part of the overall experience.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to contribute pieces of data. And if this view/no view information is already out there, could someone please point me to it? I would greatly appreciate that!

Happy Trails!
posted Feb 23 2015 8:26PM - Alan L., Pittsburg, KS

Kind of an interesting question. I don't know if this info is readily available. If someone could plot mile markers onto a Google Earth aerial you would probably have it.

I am most familiar with the eastern end of he trail, between St. Chas and Jeff City. There are occasional river views throughout the stretch. In my opinion the very best is in the Bernheimer area, MM 90 as I recall. There's a bench there where you can watch the river. There are also a few other benches through here, including one that commemorates a Lewis and Clark camp. To my mind these are the best river views on the eastern end of the trail.

To answer your question regarding river views at Klondike Park: No, not really from the campsites themselves. One rather significant drawback to the park is the presence of the Labadie power plant across the river, which is very loud at night. So while the park is excellent the night sleeping is marred somewhat by the hum / roar of the power plant.
posted Feb 23 2015 9:24PM - Hank

Not aware of any listing with mile markers for river views, but for camping close to the river I usually stay at Katfish Katy's near Huntsdale, Coopers Landing near Easley, or Rivers Edge near Portland.
posted Feb 24 2015 9:53AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

I'm not really sure what you are wanting.

If you want to know, or get an appreciation for how close a certain section of the trail is to the river, look on Google Earth at that point, or section of the trail.

If you are trying to correlate an exact location on the trail with a mile marker (that is not a trailhead or otherwise noted location) without actually being on the trail--Good luck with that. Google Earth does not have a "Streetview" function available for The Katy.
posted Feb 24 2015 12:34PM - ArkyKenny

One think you can try in Google Earth is playing around with the ruler function. You can change it to miles and click on two points to get miles. Click on a likely looking point on the trail next to the river and then click on a trailhead or road intersection to get the distance from that point.
posted Feb 24 2015 2:54PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

As a last resort you could just go ride the trail and decide for yourself what are nice views. I second Hanks suggestion of Bernheimer for the view although there are some just west of Bluffton, mm 111 that are nice. Steamboat Junction in Bluffton has camping with a view of the river as well. Don't tell them I sent you.
posted Feb 24 2015 6:16PM - Doug, Bluffton

Thanks everyone for responding! I actually didn't expect this fast of responses. I've already tried using internet technology to decipher the mile markers--I've concluded it's not possible (yet). I was hoping to solicit riders who, with pen and paper in pocket on their next ride, would stop wherever the trail opens up to a nice vista of the river to diligently record the nearest mile marker, then again where it ends. Figured it may be weeks before someone could respond with actual mile markers. But alas, I may never get that kind of help. Yes, I could get it myself, but that defeats the purpose of planning now doesn't it; I wouldn't know until I was actually on the ride.

Seems I've stumbled onto some trivia information about the trail that doesn't exist. But that information, although somewhat trivial in nature, may be of use (or at least of interest)to others in the future as well.

I thought about mailing out $2 bills to those who respond with accurate mile markers, but I don't see a way to PM people on this forum to get their names and addresses. Hmmm.

Doug, I was actually planning on staying with you whether you have a river view or not. Your like a 5-star guy out there on the reviews. Your the Donald Trump of B&B's. Thanks for the reply. I'll give you a call a little later in the year.

God Bless everyone, and I'll keep checking back.
posted Feb 24 2015 9:05PM - Alan L., Pittsburg, KS

111.2 through 111.4 You have my address
posted Feb 25 2015 6:58AM - Doug, Bluffton

Thanks, Doug! I'll get your $2 bill in the mail.

I also want to thank Hank for the info about Klondike campground. I have visited a power plant in my area and that ever-present, low-tone drone will give me headache after a while.
posted Feb 25 2015 7:28AM - Alan L., Pittsburg, KS

around 120 - 121 there is a nice view of the river and several benches to sit on and enjoy it. Also just west of Easley in the 136 area there are some nice views
posted Feb 26 2015 7:37AM - dc, Jefferson City

This is not exactly what you're looking for, but the map at traillink.com has wonderful topical maps that show exactly how the trail lines up against the terrain, and also where the trailheads are. With a paid membership, you can GPS as well.
posted Feb 27 2015 12:38PM - Donna, Kansas City, MO

Dude! It's 18 degrees out there. Ain't nobody going to be riding around with a pencil and pad. Anyway, There is a nice view of the river between mile marker 147 and 148 between Jefferson City and Hartsburg. You cannot camp there, but there are 3 placed with benches and a couple with picnic tables along the river in that vicinity where you can sit and watch the river. Also at Portland there is a great view of the river and I think there is camping there. Someone else mentioned Easley. There is camping at Cooper's Landing which is very close to Easley. Plus they have boat henge and Thai food there. Enjoy your ride.
posted Feb 28 2015 12:41AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

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