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Trails End Dedication

Anyone planning on biking Clinton to Sedalia should be aware of the big trail ride on April 24th, as part of the dedication of the Trails End plaza. The trail ride is from Green Ridge to Sedalia. Possibally of 400 horses. Horses have the right of way, so plan accordantly. Maxine d.b.a. Maxine's Rooms for Rent.
posted Mar 29 2015 8:36AM - Maxine wheeler, Sedalia, mo

Does the West End DNR workers come out with a grader or roller after and compact the trail after the 400 horse traffic hopefully before it freezes?
posted Mar 29 2015 9:18AM - Pseudio

How sad they let horses on the Katy. They should have to clean up the poop and fix the damage they do to the trail. There are a lot of places to take horses. They don't mix well with bicycles and dogs! And it is stupid for a human powered vehicle to have to stop for someone riding a horse. Let the horse and rider pull off the trail. Best of all, make the horses ride on the very edge of the trail, not on the trail. Bicycles, walkers, and joggers don't damage the trail, and hopefully do not poop on the trail!!
posted Mar 29 2015 7:25PM - oldgeezer, Beaufort

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