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dogs at Black Walnut Trailhead

Don't know what to do about 3 dogs that live across from the Black Walnut Trailhead. They mean business and have made it their business not to let anyone get past this trailhead. I love the ride to Machens but not so much that I will lose a leg over it. Any suggestions?
posted Apr 5 2015 7:38PM - Candee Seeds, Saint Charles

Pepper spray.
posted Apr 7 2015 12:26PM - RGR, West Plains, Mo

I've been chased at least three times by those dogs although it was only two dogs. One of the dogs just gets in the way, but one of the other dogs is more serious. Once I was stopped at the trailhead and one of the dogs was pretty aggressive, but never got close enough to bite.

The owner (supposedly) came out but really couldn't control the dog. The dog would retreat and then come back again. I said to the owner that someone is going to shoot that dog. He didn't respond. But what could he say? Obviously he knows the dog could be dangerous to cyclists, and he has done...what?

I'll carry pepper spray the next time I go by.

Note: I have ridden by several times when the dogs haven't been around.
posted Apr 7 2015 10:49PM - dennis

Sounds bad, but fixed food will do the trick.
posted Apr 11 2015 10:05AM - Anonymous

You mean something to give them the "runs" so that they are too busy to chase cyclists I'm sure.
posted Apr 11 2015 12:37PM - Doug, Bluffton

So I'm guessing no leash laws in good ol' Mizzou? Jeez. Well, sounds like I'll need my Airweight Bodyguard, eh. 115 grains of semi-jacketed hollowpoint. Eat up, boys.
posted Apr 11 2015 9:03PM - Dr. Skeep, Tucson, AZ

Dr Skeep,

I don't know if you are making conversation, or really suggesting that someone brings along a pistol. If it is the second, I strongly suggest you do not bring a gun with you. Katy is a State Park, so having a loaded gun is not allowed: Nor is it necessary. I'm not an anti gun guy, but really and truly, a gun is not a good idea in this situation.

I've had some dogs show unwelcome interest, but I've never had any problems on Katy. By far, most of my dog encounters on Katy have been with "friendly" ones. (I'd still like to have that dog I met in Hartsburg).

That does not mean that protection is not good. If there are nuisance dogs in Black Walnut, or elsewhere, I hope that they get pepper sprayed, wasp sprayed, whatever until it no longer becomes an issue. I have been known to carry a good sized rock in my bag: I have also forcefully applied such rocks to the head of aggressive dogs with "impressive" results....if you know what I mean.

As far as other safety issues, I have never had any kind of problem. Like anywhere else, occasionally there will be other "animals" (human and non-human). For that, I suggest that you just leave the critters alone, and ride with, or at least near others to minimize your risks.
posted Apr 12 2015 6:50AM - ArkyKenny

Although I agree with you Arky in that I would prefer for dogs to be educated rather than shot, it is legal for Concealed Carry permit holders to carry a loaded gun in Missouri State parks. Is it necessary? My experience with dogs when I am riding mirrors yours. Almost all are actually friendly, a few territorial, and even fewer threatening. You can ride for a long time before you encounter the latter. Be prepared, but a stern and forceful command works pretty well. "Stay" is one most dogs know and respond to. I have also carried a riding crop and popped an overly aggressive dog on the nose with it. Worked REAL well. That dog never chased us again.
posted Apr 12 2015 7:57AM - Doug, Bluffton

Doug, I'm guessing you get some stares as you bike along sporting that riding crop. Please tell me you also wear white pants, black boots and that little black helment.
posted Apr 12 2015 12:17PM - jim

Oh you can't even see the riding crop on the bike rack and EVERYONE knows white shorts look just a little too risque once they get damp. That outfit is for later in the evening!
posted Apr 12 2015 12:25PM - Doug, Bluffton

I think the white shorts fall under "whatever happens at Bluffton, stays at Bluffton"?
posted Apr 12 2015 6:21PM - jim

Probably has to do with that "Self incrimination clause"
posted Apr 12 2015 9:01PM - Doug, Bluffton

Fixed food can temporarily disable dogs or terminate them.
posted Apr 13 2015 4:29PM - Anonymous

What we have learned so far:
1) Guns--not necessary or appropriate.
2) Poison--definitely not necessary or appropriate (just plain dirty IMO)
3) Whips--possibly necessary
4) White bike shorts---not appropriate.........Throw those away Doug :)
posted Apr 13 2015 7:02PM - ArkyKenny

Read them again Arky. I said white shorts are too risque. JIM is the one that seemed to get excited by them, but to each his own. Or someone else's. However, poison is the act of a coward. Like being anonymous. You can perform your dirty deeds and then hide. It is an indiscriminate method that endangers more than the target. I may not agree with others methods but at least they claim them and direct them ONLY at the problem.
posted Apr 13 2015 7:54PM - Doug, Bluffton

As always, I appreciate the input. Way, way back in the bad old day -- I'm talking summer of '71 -- did a few weeks bike-touring in Canada with a couple of friends. Some ugly, I-mean-business canines up in the north country. Outran a few, whacked a few with that old frame pump and ran over one. Too old for such shenanigans now and less of a dog person with each passing week. So . . . maybe some of that lightweight Counter Assault Bear Spray? Everybody down with that?
posted Apr 16 2015 2:47PM - Dr. Skeep, Tucson, AZ

Thanks for all the advice - however I email the Dept of Natural Resources - State Parks and told them about the problem - they assured me that they have talked to the owner of the dogs and educated him on civil and criminal charges if he does not keep his dogs from chasing riders. The owners said he would keep them contained.
posted Apr 18 2015 8:56AM - Candee Seeds, Saint Charles

That's good to hear. I always carry pepper spray though on rides. Only had to use it once, but trust me it works. When you hit them with it they'll go down and start rolling in the grass trying to get it off their face which leaves them incapacitated enough for you to book it far away from them.
posted Apr 19 2015 10:26AM - JJ, Lake St. Louis

What kind/brand/size do you use JJ?
posted Apr 19 2015 11:50AM - Anonymous

So DNR said if the dogs give us trouble now we terminate them (with a little prejudice) since the owners have been warned, right?
posted Apr 20 2015 7:35AM - Anonymous

I think A. Nonny Mouse is right: they've been warned. Is MO a one-bite state? AZ (believe it or don't) is no-bite. Oh, and Arky, I don't ever recommend a pistol for bike carry. Too many two-handed operations -- initial charging, clearing a misfire, e.g. A good wheel gun is simpler. You just keep pullin' that trigger until you get the result you seek.
posted Apr 21 2015 4:57PM - Dr. Skeep, Tucson, AZ

I use this pepper spray product:

posted Apr 30 2015 6:22PM - JJ, Lake St. Louis

Open carry and conceal carry is legal in Missouri State Parks with a valid concealed carry permit.

Hey Doug if you're the right Doug your remember me when I come to your place and stayed with my Glock 21 I carried it the whole trail on my bike I rode a total of 280 miles five broken spokes the last 20 miles.

Hope to see you again this year.

posted May 1 2015 7:39AM - Scott, SW city

I rode thru black walnut today without incident. Can anyone confirm if it is the light blue house that is closest to the trailhead? Heading towards machens on the right side? I only saw one dog in the yard and it was tied up. Just want to make sure I'm looking in the right direction next time im in that area.
posted May 4 2015 8:19PM - Ron, Stl

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