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Riding this week?

Anyone riding this week? I think I am going to start in Sedalia on Wednesday morning ride east for a few days and turn around when I get tired or hungry. Will probably camp in New Franklin, Hartsburg, and Portland.
posted May 18 2015 6:33PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

I will be riding, just not the Katy. National forest, closer to home, 1 day Saturday. I will need a raincoat it looks like.

Have fun.
posted May 19 2015 9:07AM - RGR, West Plains,MO

We will be riding on the Frisco Highline this weekend in between rain.:)
posted May 19 2015 6:46PM - Mimi and Papa, Springfield,Mo.

Prairie Spirit Rail Trail Fri/Sat. It runs between Ottawa KS down to Humboldt KS for 58 miles. Camping in Garnett KS and going North and back one day, then south and back the next. Hoping for a dry weekend for everyone!
posted May 19 2015 8:28PM - MAH, Blue Springs

I expect to leave Clinton on Saturday heading to St. Louis and eventually Washington DC. O
I hope to ride about 60 a day. Does anybody know about guerrilla camping on the Katy if I don't make it to a designated campground?
posted May 20 2015 9:13PM - Jom

Camping is not allowed anywhere along the trail except in designated camping areas in campgrounds, conservation areas, city parks, etc. Use the trip planner tab above for a list of all camping areas along the trail. I have been riding and camping the whole trail for about six years now and have never found it necessary to guerrilla camp. All the land adjacent to the trail is private property.
posted May 20 2015 11:51PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Guerilla, stealth, TRESPASSING camping is one of the biggest complaints/arguments that adjacent landowners have against trails. Currently the Rock Island trail is facing this opposition. Please do not give those that want to stop it any ammunition! You know doggone good and well if you can make the next camping area from the one you are already at. If it is late and a flat would keep you from making the next one then stop! Poor planning is an excuse not a reason. If you don't understand the difference you should be in assisted living, not traveling the world alone.
posted May 22 2015 1:57PM - Doug, Bluffton

60 mile days give you plenty of time to make your camp site even with a flat or two thrown in. Your first day will end at Pilot Grove where you can camp in the city park. Second day will put you at Jefferson City where, even though its not shown on this site, there is camping at the Carl Noren river access under the bridge into JC. Its just a short ride on the JC spur. The third day you will have to do around 70 miles to make Marthasville where you can camp at the city park. Like Doug said the specter of hoards of trespassing bikers is the most common argument used by opponents of rails to trails projects so please don't even think about camping on private property.
posted May 22 2015 7:52PM - Jim, St Thomas

Coming east from J.C. you can also camp in Portland Bluffton Rhineland McKittrick and Hermann
posted May 22 2015 8:12PM - Doug, Bluffton

Boys & Girls as you can see from Jom's posting he is newbie even cross country. There are many ill equipped who set out on out roads and parks and want others to provide. Our current president is one of those types. I appreciate your stern but helpful comments. Keep us all honest. Thanks.
posted May 23 2015 6:12AM - Anonoh

Yeah I couldn't believe that Obama stealth camping scandal. You'd think he'd be better equipped.
posted May 23 2015 11:10AM - Anonymous

Rode from Rocheport to Tebbetts (48 miles) on Friday and saw a total of 3 other riders. Rode back to Rocheport today and saw a total of about 3000 other riders (Pedaler's Jamboree)!
posted May 23 2015 7:43PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Anahol, you are outside the right wingnut bubble, that stuff doesn't work among normal people!
posted May 24 2015 1:26AM - Animus, Todd Akinville

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