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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Day 1

Left Sedalia and headed the wrong way until we passed over Hwy 65. Light but steady rain all morning. The trail is not in bad shape although there is quite a bit of debris. I've run into two road crews trimming. Right now sitting under cover in Clifton City waiting for my boyfriend, who stubbornly refused to change out the ten year-old 25 mm slicks on his road bike, to walk in from two miles out. (He didn't want to change tire in the rain and instead opted to walk to the trailhead in the rain.) I will refrain from saying "told you so." Happy trails! Having a wonderful time on the Katy!
posted Jun 3 2015 12:19PM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

Hope the rain holds off for the rest of your ride! Good to hear the trail isn't in too bad of shape considering all the rain we've had. We're going to head to New Franklin in the morning to get a couple of days riding in...depending on where you stay tonight, might just pass on the trail tomorrow! are you doing full trail?
posted Jun 3 2015 8:50PM - MAH

Man....I hate it when I don't listen to the voice of reason!
posted Jun 3 2015 9:03PM - Trek

We're headed for Rocheport as soon as the rain breaks, tomorrow to Jeff City and ending up in Hermann on Saturday. I expected it to be leisurely with lots of time to explore, but yesterday from Sedalia pretty much kicked my butt. Not sure if it's because the trail is soft or what, but we only made about six miles per hour during ride time. Met some folks who had ridden all the way from California! MAH, look for us ... early 50s, no helmets, I'm on a giant hybrid, boyfriend has long hair, both of us in jeans.
posted Jun 4 2015 9:07AM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

Cool stuff Donna, Please continue to tell us about your adventure.
posted Jun 4 2015 5:03PM - Billy, Mokane

Have trail conditions improved in the last couple of days? I hope the trail is drying out somewhat so you're able to cover more ground. We leave in a week for a ride from Clinton to St. Charles, and we've got all our overnight stops booked already. The weather's been a bit of a concern. Let us know how things are going for you if you can. Thanks!
posted Jun 6 2015 6:40AM - Jeanne

Donna, did you get to eat at Johnny's? What did you think of it? I am headed that way next week with my new DIY camping trailer I just finished. I can eat my fill at Johnny's, then take a nap in the back parking lot in the shade! Have a great trip.
posted Jun 6 2015 7:07AM - 0ldgeezer, beaufort

Donna, Met you and your boyfriend at the Turner Shelter in Tebbetts today. If you run into the folks from California again ask them if they left a watch and digital recorder at the shelter. If they did I have them - just post on here.
posted Jun 6 2015 4:12PM - Jim, St Thomas

Jim it was nice to meet you! Geezer, no we didn't make it to Johnny's ... it was late by the time we got into Jeff and our hotel was farther from the trail than I expected. After two blowouts that day, all we wanted to do was get into bed! We found a fantastic greek place, Arri's, that I would highly recommend.
posted Jun 8 2015 8:16AM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

Just a little correction - it is Arris' (pronounced Air' Is Suhs)
posted Jun 8 2015 9:32AM - Jim, St Thomas

or just Air Is
posted Jun 8 2015 9:33AM - Jim, St Thomas

A rose by any other name is just as delicious :-)
posted Jun 8 2015 9:40AM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

Arris is Johnny's family. He worked there from the time he was about 12 years old until he opened Johnny's. Sorry you had the flats and trouble. When will you be passing by Dutzow? Maybe I could meet you there and by you and friend a beer.
posted Jun 8 2015 10:42AM - oldgeezer, Beaufort

Guess we missed you Donna. Hope you enjoyed the Katy, I know we do. On the 4th we had a late start in getting to the trail and setting up before riding. I totally agree re Arri's...we've even arranged rides just so we would be able to overnight in Jeff City and eat there! Hope you get to come back to the Katy for more rides!
posted Jun 8 2015 11:18AM - MAH

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