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The Hartsburg Grand has reopened. When we rode through town a few weeks ago, the place was hopping for a grand reopening party (even a Columbia TV station truck was there to record the event).'

We were too late for Dotty's, but the Hitchin Post was a great place to stop. Ice cold beer and a pizza oven, and a bartender who brings you water as soon as you sit down.
posted Jun 17 2015 9:51AM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

I sure hate to disappoint you, but the Grand isn't open yet. They are looking for someone though. The party you saw was for the opening of their special events building and the new Riverstage Theater. We saw a show there that weekend and there will be more. Now if they just find someone for the restaurant it will all be complete. Hope to see you at Dotty's soon. And the Grand too :), Dotty
posted Jun 17 2015 3:23PM - Dotty Manns, Hartsburg

Thanks Dotty! We were sorry to have missed your place -- one of the high highlights of the trail according to everyone who goes there -- but really fell in love with Hartsburg.
posted Jun 18 2015 8:01AM - Donna, Shawnee, KS

Is there a need for for showers for those of you who use the Katy trail and camp in town? Would you pay 5 or 10 bucks for that option?
posted Aug 24 2015 1:57PM - MEL, Ashland

Showers would be nice, but probably not at that price. For example the Katy Roundhouse campground is $6.00 and that includes your own campsite, fire ring, picnic table and hot showers.
posted Aug 24 2015 2:37PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

If you were camping at Memorial park and could have access to a clean bathroom and shower with all the amenities, what would be a fair price to ask?
posted Aug 25 2015 7:45PM - MEL, Ashland

I don't think many would want to pay more than about $2 per person for a shower. Maybe that's just me...
posted Aug 25 2015 9:23PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Thanks for your input.I'm new to the area and unaware of how often the trail is used and what is needed to draw attention to Hartsburg. I am open to suggestions.
posted Aug 25 2015 9:58PM - MEL, Ashland

Maybe I am in the minority. But I think $5 would be a fair price to pay for access to the shower after a long day on the trail.
posted Aug 25 2015 10:05PM - Terry, Festus

I'd pay $5 for a shower in a heartbeat. You can't maintain the facility for less than that.
posted Aug 26 2015 5:58AM - Doug, Bluffton

I agree that $5 would be very reasonable, and would make camping in the area more desirable.
posted Aug 27 2015 5:22PM - ellent, Columbia

I agree that it would be worth $5. I'm assuming you are talking about just adding showers to an existing building with hot water. If you're talking about building showers just for the trail traffic I doubt you would come out ahead.
posted Aug 27 2015 6:44PM - Jim, St Thomas

After a long hot day...a good shower would be well worth $5 to me.
posted Aug 27 2015 9:33PM - Ron

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