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Community Club Park in Marthasville

My girlfriend and I had hoped to stay here last Sunday night but couldn't get a hold of anyone at the time of arrival and weren't willing to risk an illegal campong citation so had to move on. Advice to any wanting to camp here is get approval ahead of time or prepare to stealth camp because the city's regulations are very clear to prohibit camping on city property without permit or permission.
posted Jun 25 2015 8:41AM - Ion Joseph Vladutu, Lancaster

Why would one who wouldn't want to risk an illegal citation in town suggest to others to stealth camp illegally? Your logic is flawed Ion Joe. Unless you own all the land along the Katy, you should not suggest that others trespass by stealth camping on land owned by others.
posted Jun 25 2015 8:51AM - Anonymous

Ion did not suggest some one stealth camp there. Read it again. Thanks for the heads up Ion.
posted Jun 25 2015 12:56PM - Brigteq, Tulsa

Read it again and, "Advice to any wanting to camp here is get approval ahead of time or prepare to stealth camp....." Read it again. Stealth camping is exactly what was suggested.
posted Jun 25 2015 1:27PM - Anonymous

Lets all read it together out loud to each other.
posted Jun 25 2015 7:59PM - Anonoh

I hear they make a special tent with a cloaking device just for that purpose :-)
posted Jun 26 2015 8:50AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Sure it's cloaking, but it's also heavy and the extension cord is a dead giveaway.
posted Jun 30 2015 2:44PM - RGR, West Plains,MO

There is NO fee or permit needed to camp at the CITY OWNED PARKS in Marthasville. There is a fee to camp at the Marthasville community club.
posted Jul 17 2015 11:41AM - Chief Eugene Jenkins, Marthasville Mo

Thanks for the comment, Chief Jenkins.
posted Jul 19 2015 7:26PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

So there is a fee to camp at the Community Club's baseball field? I'm a little confused because some of the earlier threads say it's free. Can I camp for free without permission at Rueche Park or Lindenberg Park since they are owned by Marthasville?
posted Jul 25 2015 3:58PM - RustyS

Lichtenberg Park I mean.
posted Jul 25 2015 4:01PM - RustyS

does anyone have a number I can use? I am having a hard time trying to contact the park to make camping reservations. Unless people that have camped at Community Club Park in Marthasville before say you don't need reservations?
posted Jul 28 2015 8:26PM - GAP

I am still confused. 1.Is camping free? 2.How do you register/get permission to camp?3. It seems difficult to make arrangements if you arrive and there seems to be no way to register can you just camp?
posted Dec 14 2015 3:54PM - Steven, Lakewood

I believe Con-tac-tDon is the alpha/numberic phone number to get in touch with Don for the straight skinny on camping at the Community Club Park...
posted Dec 14 2015 5:07PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

DNR has the camping contact number in Marthasville as 636-433-5554. I am not sure who you will reach if you use Contact Don(listed by this site for CC park) as an alpha numeric number, but it won't get you to someone in the 636 area code.
posted Dec 14 2015 5:40PM - steve k, saint louis, mo

I went ahead and switched it to the 636 number. Honestly I am not sure where the Con-tac-tDon came from, but it looks like "Contact Don at ..." was entered sometime in the past, and then the database tried to format it like a phone number. The 636 number mentioned above is the most reliable number I know of.
posted Dec 14 2015 8:12PM - Ray (webmaster)

Thanks Ray!
posted Dec 14 2015 8:48PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

If you are still confused when you read this skip a few comments up to where Chief Jenkins explains. Seems clear as a bell.
posted Dec 15 2015 6:44PM - Givemeabreak

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