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Weldon Spring Trailhead MM 56

The Weldon Spring Trailhead has a self serve bike maintenance station/air pump at the trailhead. I thought I was seeing things this morning, but I am sure it was real.
posted Jun 28 2015 5:52PM - steve k, saint louis, mo

Noticed the bicycle tools (cable attached) and tire pump--nice additions. Hopefully this is a test to see if they will be treated respectfully and will be incorporate into other trailheads.
posted Jun 28 2015 6:16PM - Jim W, St Louis

They have had the same setup at the JC trailhead for a while now and I think at least one other trailhead on the western end. It would be nice to have these at a minimum of every other trailhead.
posted Jun 28 2015 7:54PM - Jim, St Thomas

I think I saw one at Hartsburg today. They may have installed them at several, most trailheads. Does anyone know who paid for them? I am guessing it was DNR. Whoever it was, god Bless them.

Oh, and the trail between Jefferson City and Hartsburg was great today. The condition was fine. There was a lot of water along the trail, but none on the trail.
posted Jun 28 2015 8:37PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Sorry, I should have capitalized God in the previous post. God bless whoever put those bike maintenance stations/air pumps at the trailheads.
posted Jun 28 2015 10:14PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Tools at Black Walnut, too. dennis (for some reason I can't type my name in the area provided)
posted Jun 30 2015 10:41PM - Anonymous

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