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Hiking mileage

I am feeling inspired to hike a part of the Trail. I have ridden the entire length of the Trail for most years since the 90's, but other than the occasional walk down the Trail have never done a serious hike. I feel like I want to do the Sedalia to Franklin section because I could ride the train to Sedalia and meet up with biking friends at the Roundhouse ( and my ride home! Thanks, Savage24!). But, of course this means I need to go from Sedalia to Pilot Grove the first day which is almost 24 miles. Seems too far. I know of no place to camp anywhere in between. I walk at least 5 miles a day, every day, and it is not unusual for me to walk 10 miles a day and I have done so for years so I'm thinking I could do 24 miles with a light pack, but it would be a long day. Anyone have any thoughts to share on this? Other that I am crazy to walk when I have a perfectly good bike to ride!

posted Jul 13 2015 10:30AM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

The thing to remember about the Sedalia to Franklin section is the incline (I no longer call it a hill ) between Clifton City and Pilot Grove. Unless you're used to hiking I don't know that I would pick that stretch to do a 24 mile day.
posted Jul 13 2015 1:38PM - jim

I know the incline well and am concerned about it as well. Looking for an option for a stopping place around Clifton City. But, others have hiked the trail. Wondering if there is an option I am not seeing.
posted Jul 13 2015 1:48PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

There are plenty of people that live along the trail around Clifton City. Ask and offer ten bucks to camp in their side yard. I couldn't imagine that no one would take you up your offer.
posted Jul 13 2015 3:29PM - Anonymous

I read some blogs of those who have gone before me and think I have a plan. Others have requested permission from the church that is just outside of Clifton City to camp on their grounds. Sounds good to me!
posted Jul 19 2015 9:04PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

Sounds like a fun adventure! I've done a lot of long distance hiking/backpacking, and last year did the Katy Clinton to Machens to Clinton. It sounds as though you are familiar with the Katy and walking 5-10 miles/day is a decent base. You said you'd be carrying a "light pack". You'll need to carry a lot more water, food, plus, camping gear if you plan to stay in yards or church property. The weight adds up. And, inclement weather can slooooow you down. Have a safe hike and do a blog!
posted Jul 20 2015 2:21PM - Desertpig, Tucson,AZ

Thx! What did you do for the Sedalia to Pilot Grove stretch?
posted Jul 20 2015 6:39PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

Oops! I wasn't clear in my post. I bicycled the Katy. My hiking/backpacking has been elsewhere. My comments were for distance hiking/backpacking in general, mixed with an understanding of what's along the Katy.
posted Jul 21 2015 10:33AM - Desertpig, Tucson,AZ

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I have bicycle camped the entire trail, too - but hiking is a new experience. I have done a test pack of my backpack with my gear and am planning on food and water similar to what I would need for a day of bicycling with a little extra just in case! Going to do a trial run with a closer to home hike carrying the gear to see how it goes. Am open to any other helpful tips!
posted Jul 21 2015 9:27PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

Forget the backpacks - get a doggie ride cart, a flatbed to carry all your gear , food & plenty of water. Have a rainproof tarp to keep everything dry.
posted Jul 23 2015 3:30PM - lonnie d, sioux city

Is it easier to pull a cart than use a backpack when hiking?
posted Jul 23 2015 8:01PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

My pack will be lighter than a cart. I know they do make carts for hiking, but for my purposes on this trip, a backpack will work great. I went out this morning for a 10 mile walk with a light pack - just to see how it went. I think I am good to go, fitness wise. Will continue to do some training with the pack I plan to take to make sure I am ready to go!
posted Jul 25 2015 12:31PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

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