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Trail from Boonville to Sedalia

Just completed riding the trail from Weldon Spring to Boonville. A dream and goal accomplished short of Clinton to be completed in the Fall. Stayed at Hermann's Harbor Haus and Boonville's Frederick Hotel both hospitable and historic. Trail conditions were great! At least 10 degrees cooler along the shaded canopy'd trees. Seeking information about trail conditions from Boonville to Sedalia and Sedalia to Clintion. Been told the trial is exposed to the sun and a bit hilly. Is this true? Ride on bikers!
posted Jul 17 2015 1:29PM - Paula, St. Charles

Sedalia to Clinton is definitely exposed to the sun compared to what you just rode. Not nearly as scenic as rest of trail. Not really hilly but does have a few long steady grades.
posted Jul 17 2015 9:00PM - Arnold, Tulsa

Booneville to Pilot Grove is a long slow climb out of the Missouri River Valley. Nothing terrible. The grade is deceptive to me in that it is suble enough to make you think you should be going faster than you are, and you tire yourself. Don't fall for it. Drop a few gears, work it out, and you will be fine.

Make sure you have 2 (I recommend 3, or a Camelbak) water bottles from Pilot Grove to Sedalia. Top off in Pilot Grove because Clif City does not have water. I bring powdered Gatorade and mix it 1/2 strength to avoid cramping. It is some rollers and a little uphill into Sedalia, plus there is a lot of exposure, so be ready for that.

Sedalia to Clinton is a mixed bag. There are long open parts where you are likely to deal with headwinds (High Point), but there is also good cover, water, c-stores, and a fairly level trail. Like elsewhere, gear down, spin, eat when you are not hungry, drink when you are not thirsty (1/2 strength Gatorade and indulgent trail mix for me please), and have a great time.
posted Jul 19 2015 7:45PM - ArkyKenny

Arkykenny is correct! I find that part of the Trail scenic, too, but just in a different way. Casey's in Green Ridge and Windsor are both good stops to pick up a cool beverage. I would not go to the Subway in Windsor - last time I was there all sorts of beetle were crawling over the sandwiches while they were being made and wrapped up. EEw. Casey's pizza suddenly sounded good! And, when you get to Clinton - Pizza Glenn is always my reward! Also remember that horses are allowed on this part of the Trail - not a problem - just be certain to announce yourself to the horse and its rider and ask the rider how they would like you to pass. Most of the horses are used to bikes, but it is always courteous to ask and not just blow by surprising both horse and rider. Oh, and watch for "road apples" on the Trail! And, most importantly, have fun!
posted Jul 19 2015 9:10PM - Sharonbikes, Kansas City

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