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A summery of my trip

My sister and I set off to bike the trail on August 1st. We are both in our 20's and felt completely safe the whole trip. Everyone on the trail is extremely friendly and helpful. We even ran into park rangers biking from Pilot Grove to Boonville. Could not have felt safer.

The best places to stay on the trail are the Katy Roundhouse, Globe Hotel B&B, Turner Katy Trail Shelter, and Klondike park.

The Katy Roundhouse is just 4 miles past Boonville in New Franklin and is right off the trail...super convenient. The campsite was only $5 and was based on an honors system, put your money and information in a box in the "office". There is a shower house (with hot and cold water!) and bathrooms. These are well kept. The campsite is large and very nice, there is a place to have a campfire...must bring own wood. At night, a park ranger/police man came buy to patrol the site for a while. Made me feel safe. There are dogs at a nearby house that tend to bark throughout the night but after a long hot ride, it was not difficult to tune them out and sleep.

The Globe Hotel B&B is in the cutest town on the trail, Hartsburg. There is a local pub in town that sells small pizzas and is open until the last person leaves...very quaint. The B&B is a diamond. My sister and I were planning on staying on a campsite 15 miles out, but decided to press on. We called the B&B for some information on the town to see if we could camp somewhere for cheap. They offered us their backyard to camp in but said we could use the shower, the bathroom, and they even made us a delicious, filling breakfast in the morning for $40. The husband and wife that own the B&B are the most "homey" people I came across on the trail, they felt like a "trail mom and dad" to my sister and I, even making us popcorn while we played cards at night. It was the greatest time talking to them and have never felt so welcomed. I give them nothing but blessings as they continue pursuing their dream of
posted Aug 16 2015 12:50PM - Anonymous, Saint Louis

Would like to read the rest of your post, is there a trick to seeing the entire page past where it cuts off at "their dream"?
posted Aug 17 2015 8:50PM - KC, Austin

Its not required to bring your own wood when staying at the Roundhouse. You can buy it there.
posted Aug 18 2015 12:58PM - Anonymous

I am not sure why the post cut off.
In a brief summary here are some other tips my sister and I learned while on the trail...
Jefferson City was a great detour for the the day. only 2-3miles off the trail it was a great stop for food and ice cream before heading to Tebbetts to stay at the Turner Katy Trail Shelter. There is no food stops in this town but the shelter is a true trail gift. For only $5 we enjoyed the comforts of a bed, air conditioning, coffee, showers, bike repair area, and so much more! I would stay there again!
posted Aug 18 2015 3:38PM - Anonymous, Saint Louis

To continue We found little resources for food and water besides the the trail depots between Tebbetts and Hermann. Be sure to pack accordingly!
We then detoured to Herman which was a great escape from the rain. Lots of shops, restaurants, and small campsite. The people here were so nice and friendly! The campsite at City Park was a bit pricey about $15 for the night.
We then traveled from Hermann to Augusta again not many stops in between for food and water. Please be sure to fill up your water bottles after Augusta. In Augusta we stayed at Klondike park. A bit of a hike up a hill to say the least to locate the park but worth it! The campgrounds are nice, clean, patrolled, and cabins are available.
Our last stop was in St. Charles. This last stretch was busy filled with friendly bikers just out for the day. we ended our trip at Bike Shop Cafe great food and bike shop!
posted Aug 18 2015 3:47PM - Anonymous, Saint Louis

A few tips I would like to add are....
-If traveling in the summer make sure you always have water.
-Each section of the trail is patrolled by the police. If you were to run into any trouble you can call them with *55 (I was told, I did not have to use it)
-As a younger woman I felt safe along the trail, people were friendly and happy to help throughout my journey.
-Little experience necessary I would say. The farthest I biked while training was 16miles before the trip. Most of the trail is flat, especially after Booneville. Some stretches are a bit hot with no shade in the summer but I had no problems making the journey.
-The Katy Trail Guidebook was a great resource for planning and while we were on the trail to find food and places to stay. I believe I bought it for $20. Also you are welcome to call the department of natural resources and they will send you information in the mail for free!

This trail is a great gift for bikers of all kinds!
Enjoy your journey!
posted Aug 18 2015 3:55PM - Anonymous, Saint Louis

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