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My husband and I were biking the Katy Trail yesterday and left a phone on Salt Creek bridge near Rocheport. If you have any information about how to find it please let me know! Thanks :)
posted Oct 4 2015 4:26PM - Laura

Information about finding a lost phone:

Call the phone number and listen for it to ring. Follow the sound to the lost phone.

Retrace your steps to the location where it was lost and make sure that it is not there. Look around, it may be nearby and not exactly where you thought you left it.

Use the find iphone app.

Look through all your belongs to make sure that you don't have it.

Contact the MO Department of Natural Resources to inquire about a phone turned in to them as lost.

Contact a few businesses along the portion of the trail where it was lost to see if someone returned it to them.
posted Oct 5 2015 9:16AM - Anonymous

Thanks for the information on locating a lost phone. Unfortunately we have tried all of your tips. The iPhone was on airplane mode to conserve battery life since we were bike packing for a few days. Since it was on airplane mode it is unable to be tracked. It was left on the bridge railing at salt creek near rocheport. We stopped in the afternoon at the bridge to take our jackets off. My husband set his phone on the railing and he inadvertantly left it there. Of course we went back to the location we left it. And of course we called it (but it would not go through due to airplane mode). We have contacted businesses along the trail and the rocheport and new Franklin city halls. We have also contacted the office of the Katy trail for that area as well... We were lost on what else to do so we thought we would try to post on a couple pages. Thanks for your reply.
posted Oct 5 2015 7:07PM - Laura

Bummer!! I would tell you to not give up because the vast majority of visitors to the Katy are good and honest people. The odds are they tried to do the thing that seemed right to them. However, i am addicted to my phone and i would not be able to wait long to see if the phone surfaces. Good luck!
posted Oct 5 2015 10:07PM - Terry, Festus

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