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Riding next week w/ 9 year old

Planning on riding next week with my 9 year old son. He's in really good shape and rides his bike as much as any average kid. My question is how far can someone reasonably expect a 9 year to ride over a two day trip. We went out a couple of weeks ago and rode from Weldon Springs to Augusta and he didn't even blink. He has it in his head that he wants us to ride 100 miles over the two days. Does this sound crazy or reasonable? My plan is I guess to get dropped off at the N Jefferson trailhead and head east and see how it goes. Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm not a bike rider so I have limited perspective.

posted Oct 6 2015 11:50AM - Joe C

If you have someone to call if it gets tough, I would say go for it. There is a trailhead every six to eight miles for a pickup if needed.
posted Oct 6 2015 2:02PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

If you are not a bike rider the 50 miles a day may be tougher on you than the 9 year old...
posted Oct 6 2015 2:53PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Since your not a bike rider, I would imagine the youngster will not be the first to want off the bike.
Please don't think I'm putting you down, that's not my intent.
In the beginning 5 miles made me want off. Ill bike fit, tender backside, ect,,,,,,,,,,
posted Oct 6 2015 2:59PM - RGR, West Plains

Ha ha! Funny and true. I appreciate the feedback. I'm targeting about 80 so we'll see how it goes. I'll drop in here on Wednesday and let you guys know if it turned into a train wreck or a great time. I'll be dragging the kid straight off the trail to football practice so that should be entertaining as well.

posted Oct 6 2015 6:09PM - Anonymous

Your grandson will probably have the energy to do the miles, however, if he hasn't had enough "saddle time" he might not be prepared for butt pain and/or chafing. That's what our grandson experienced when doing the Big BAM (Bike Across Missouri). We had to buy a different bike seat and some Butt Chamois for him along the way. Still and all, it would be a great challenge and memories--even with the discomfort. At least for some folks. Lois Knox City, MO
posted Oct 6 2015 7:33PM - Anonymous

25 per day I'd suggest. I ride probably 100 miles a week, but the Katy was harder than the paved trails I'm accustomed to, and my bike was not perfect for it (big tires, heavy). I did 40 a couple of days, but it wasn't pleasant for me, and worse for my boyfriend, who hasn't gotten on his bike since.
posted Oct 7 2015 9:53AM - Donna Miller, Shawnee, KS

Is your goal for this to be a fun trip, that may lead to your son wanting to do more distance riding, or is it to be an "epic" with one or both of you being miserable? As a mother and grandmother, I soon learned to stop a new activity while it was still fun so that I and the kids wanted to try it again. Have fun and let the forum know how it was!
posted Oct 7 2015 10:14AM - Anonymous

Good question - the goal is to have fun and allow my 9 year to experience a little freedom and adventure. He works hard so think it's satisfying to him to push past where most kids would want to stop. I'm letting him plan the whole trip, route, meals, what we bring with us, etc so he's having fun with it already.

Thanks. I'll definitely let everyone know how it goes.

posted Oct 7 2015 10:58AM - Anonymous

If you start around 8:00 in the morning you have around 10 - 11 hours of daylight to ride. Assuming you can do 8 mph while you're riding you will have plenty of time for stops for water, snacks and to just look around. Make sure both of you have cameras and take plenty of pictures to remember this trip.
posted Oct 7 2015 3:48PM - Jim, St Thomas

Joe, I would plan on many stops for you and the urchin both since it sounds like an experiment that could go either way. Good luck and be safe.
posted Oct 7 2015 5:29PM - Anonoh

A few more thoughts/questions for you, Jim. Are you planning to camp, stay in B&Bs, or do you have a sag vehicle? You might check the "Towns and Services" tab to see what's available on the days you plan to ride. Many towns have few services. You said your son "didn't blink"after his ride from Weldon Springs to Augusta. That's 10 miles and you might not have been carrying much. Sounds like he is ready for adventure and it's cool that you are following his lead.
posted Oct 7 2015 7:34PM - Anonymous

Have a plan b, and c.

If you have a break down, you want to be able to get to your next stop. If you have someone in a vehicle providing support, then you are fine. But if not you and your son may have to walk 6-8 miles or more to get to your next stop. And I am concerned about you planning to do a lot of miles. But if you have a plan b and c, you'll be able to recover if your original planned miles are not possible. If all goes well this will be a wonderful thing.
posted Oct 7 2015 9:15PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

You're getting a lot of great advice here. I would add that part of the fun of such a ride with your grandson is the planning. And especially contingency planning. For example, before you go, have him show that he can repair or change an inner tube on his bike (wonderful YouTube videos will show him how). Enjoy your time!
posted Oct 8 2015 1:58PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

Well we did 40 miles each day and had a blast! Weather was great, scenery was cool and the kid is bionic, he never blinked. We stopped about every 3 miles to throw acorns into the creek or catch falling leaves or whatever but had a blast. Thanks to everyone for all the pointers and advice. We left te trail and are heading to football practice. He's in great shape, we'll see how it goes.
posted Oct 13 2015 3:39PM - Joe C

Joe and son---- that is fantastic! Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.
posted Oct 13 2015 6:08PM - Anonymous

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