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Lodging Between Hartsburg & Mokane

It's our first time on the trail and we're planning a 3-day ride in June between Rocheport & McKittrick. We can only ride about 30 miles a day and don't have room on our bikes to carry tents/bedding/etc. Is there anywhere to stay between Hartsburg and Mokane where we don't have to provide our own bedding? Should we maybe adjust our beginning and end points? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
posted Mar 24 2016 11:25AM - Dennifer, Wisconsin

Lots of hotels in Jefferson City. It's only a couple miles off the trail, with a nice bike bridge over the river.

Tebbetts has a hostel, but you'll want to bring bedding for that.

Check out the "Trip Planner" link at the top of the page to get options.
posted Mar 24 2016 12:37PM - Kevin, Jefferson City

You could stay at the Turner Shelter in Tebbetts. I think Emily down the street from the shelter still provides bedding for a small fee. I'll check on that when I'm down there next week.
posted Mar 24 2016 12:38PM - jim, St Thomas

The Cliff Manor Inn is very close to the south end of the bridge, is close to the state government grounds, several restaurants, and has nice views of the river. We've stayed there as well as several of the corporate hotels that are nearby also.
posted Mar 24 2016 1:37PM - Trek

I second The Turner Shelter recommendation. Roll the dice, and try a hostile (and put a little extra in the envelope at the post office to help support a good cause).
posted Mar 26 2016 7:34PM - ArkyKenny

What about the packs of dogs at Tebbetts? Still there? I'd stay in Jeff City if first time. Tebbetts is too primitive for nubies.
posted Mar 27 2016 9:56AM - George H.

I think those dogs have not been a problem for quite some time. I was there several times last year and I don't remember being concerned about them. A couple of years ago they were a problem, but not now.

Having said that, a stop in Jefferson City would be my #1 choice, and the Turner Shelter in Tebbetts my #2 choice. As previously mentioned, the Cliff Manor is very convenient, a wonderful place. But if they are booked, the Baymont, Capitol Plaza and DoubleTree are other options that are close enough for you to bike there. But you need to look at the distance between Hartsburg and Jefferson City, and Hartsburgs and Tebbetts, and consider that in your decision.
posted Mar 27 2016 7:25PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

I talked to Emily in Tebbetts today and she said she still provides bedding and toiletries. For $10 she will provide sheets, a blanket & a pillow. For another $5 she will provide you with shampoo, soap, toothpaste & toothbrush, towel & washcloth and a disposable razor. I will her contact info to Ray to add to the Tebbetts services page.
posted Mar 28 2016 11:30AM - jim, St Thomas

Thanks, everyone, for the comments! Pack of dogs? Interesting....Ha, Ha...I think....
posted Mar 31 2016 2:48PM - Dennifer, Wisconsin

The infamous pack of dogs in Tebbetts are gone. They have been replaced by a pack of wild cats that have been harassing bikers by completely ignoring them unless they have food.
posted Mar 31 2016 5:31PM - jim, St Thomas

Cats?!? I'm a cat person. I didn't used to be, but I am now. I can't wait to get back to Tebbetts!
posted Mar 31 2016 7:20PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Dennifer If you are ground campers, hostel types, Tebbetts. If you are motor home, B&B, hotel types, Jefferson City. Very simple.
posted Apr 2 2016 6:24AM - George H.

Jim, how do I contact Emily 8n Tebbets for bedding? I'm thinking Hartsburg to Jefferson City is just too short of a ride. Thanks
posted Apr 25 2016 11:20AM - Dennifer, Burlington

You should be able to reach her at one of these numbers.

573) 295-4200 or (573) 295-4850
posted Apr 26 2016 2:08PM - jim, St Thomas

I can also vouch for Cliff Manor. Quite a beautiful old building, and Jeff City is so pretty: the Capitol is only a couple (hilly) blocks away. Plus the bike ramp going up to the bridge over the Missouri River is not to be missed!
posted Apr 26 2016 2:49PM - kc, Austin

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