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Peddlers Jamboree- Room Available in Boonville

We've just had the Gold room open up for the Peddlers Jamboree! As you know, rooms are hard to come by for this event Memorial Day weekend! It won't last long!
Rate for this room is $139. (before tax) and requires a two night stay. http://www.highstreetvictorian.com/rooms.html

posted Mar 28 2016 9:31AM - High Street Victorian B&B, Boonville

High Street, I heard you tried to auction your B&B by an online contest but there was not enough takers? Why the sale?
posted Mar 29 2016 6:31PM - Anonymous

We did have an essay contest. We didn't get enough entries, perhaps due to not knowing the best way to get the word out. We sent press releases to every major news paper in the country. Perhaps some people thought it was too good to be true, but we really were going to give it to the winner! It would have been a sweet deal for who ever won. We are trying to sell to move closer to our family. Aging parents, grandchildren etc. If you know anyone who would be interested in buying it, feel free to pass the word on.
In the mean time, we still have the B&B and are open.
posted Mar 30 2016 7:34AM - High Street Victorian B&B, Boonville

It happens all the time. It's crowd funding, not really giving anything away. Considering the entry fee to submit an essay and with a required number of applicants to make the contest valid, the amount generated surpasses what the place can be sold for on the open market. If the market doesn't like the asking price, this type of scheme with the required number of applicants, can trick the market into collectively paying more than a property is worth. It's a play on emotions at best. Those who buy lottery tickets think they are going to win. Collectively, all the other players pay for their winnings. The state doesn't "give it to the winner!" They do though keep some of that extra in taxes.
posted Mar 30 2016 8:25AM - Anonymous

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