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Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane

Awesome Cheeseburger!! Rode the trail last week(Clinton to Herman) and this was by far the best place I ate. Make it a point to stop here.
posted Apr 8 2016 9:23PM - Mike Gronau, Girard, KS

I have not been on the trail yet this season but Mokane Bar is one of the stops I am very much looking forward to.

I love the Katy Trail bars. Here is a bit of review of many of them:
1. Augusta Brewery. My number 1 because of the open air bar and excellent beer. Food average.
2. Defiance Roadhouse. Always busy, very friendly. Food very good.
3. Portland Bar. Classic. Can be dank and quiet but always open and friendly.
4. Mokane Bar. Great bar, great food. Can't go wrong.
5. Cooper's Landing. Always a must stop but often a bit weird.
6. Treloar Bar. Nice place, never had the food.
7. Rhineland Bar. Good bar and decent food but not a must stop for me.
8. Dutzow Deli. More food than bar but okay for both.
9. Defiance Terry and Kathy's. Bar OK, but not particularly cyclist-friendly. Go across the street to the Roadhouse.
10. Tebbets Bar. Only been there once (2015). Fit the bill, liked the gift shop.

posted Apr 9 2016 5:57AM - Hank

Mokane is good place for the grub and due to the lack of stops. Coopers is a little weird like a lost Key West vibe. Augusta was good a few years ago but I think they have new owners so the service is different. The others are pretty much hit and miss but are definitely needed for hydration for any liquids.
posted Apr 13 2016 4:31PM - Anonymous

Thanks for positive plug for Mokane Bar. We have a great little town, bikers should stop for a cold one.
posted Apr 15 2016 7:46AM - Billy, Mokane

Billy, I saw a post last fall about some riders legend near Mokane who ran into some problems from some mauler? Fact or fiction?
posted Apr 17 2016 5:56AM - J.D.

Got to be fiction, nothing but good people here in Mokane, now if you are talking about some of our crazy dogs that roam the area, then that's another story.
posted Apr 17 2016 4:20PM - Billy, Mokane

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