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Vegan food options

Hi, everyone. My wife and I are riding the Katy next month and we're trying to plan for food. My wife is on a vegan diet so we're wondering how much we'll need to bring and/or if she'll be able to find something on the trail. Riding west to east, our planned stops are Sedalia, Rocheport,Tebbetts, Marthasville, and then on to Machens. We're not worried about Sedalia and Rocheport but the other three places we're not familiar with. Any info would be appreciated.

posted Apr 27 2016 6:36PM - David, St. Joseph, MO

Other than salad at a few places, mostly bar & grill food. You can click on the Towns and Services tab and go down the list and call a few of the diners or cafes along the way to get a better idea. On the western half of the trail there are hardly any diet options on Monday & Tuesday.
posted Apr 27 2016 7:30PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

When she has vegetarian options she needs to eat a lot. She should carry food as plan B in case the stops that day don't offer vegetarian options. You might be surprised at some bars that offer decent salads. I was with some people at the Mokane Bar and Grill last year and one of them was happy with the salad he got for lunch. At Tebbetts the Volunteer shelter has some cooking facilities, so she could heat up something. There is a new restaurant there, call them and see what they offer. I don't have the name, but you can probably go to Tebbetts on the map and click on services and find them. There will be nothing in Machens, but between Marthasville and Machens there are many options, like St. Charles that should offer a variety of eating options.
posted Apr 28 2016 9:16PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

She needs to consider her caloric intake as well. Cycling can burn 400-600 Calories per hour, so doing the whole trail at an average speed of 10mph means that she/you will burn about 24,000 extra Calories (about 6 extra days' worth). So, she needs to pack lots of vegan protein. Salads might not be enough.
posted Apr 29 2016 5:11AM - Don, Ellisville, MO

Y'all may want to consider adding Columbia to your list of stops although it will add 8.8 miles each way. We have a Lucky's Market, a Clovers, and a Natural Grocer where you can re- stock. Also we have a number of restaurants downtown; Main Squeeze would be a solid choice.
posted Apr 29 2016 6:12AM - dmcmurry, columbia,mo

I would tell your honey, to change her outlook by hunting, trapping and killing wild game. It provides the right and righteous types of vitamins and nutrients to ride your bicycles let alone howl and play wild guitar. Rock on!!
posted Apr 30 2016 7:53AM - Motor City Madman

Spoken like a man who has no spouse.........
posted Apr 30 2016 2:26PM - jim, St Thomas

My guitar and firearms are my spouse and girlfriends.
posted May 1 2016 6:36AM - Motor City Madman

I probably don't want to know any more than that. What you do with consenting inanimate objects is no one else's business.
posted May 1 2016 1:11PM - jim, St Thomas

You must have your woman card. I must of lost mine.
posted May 1 2016 7:06PM - Motor City Madman

Yep......we all get it - you're a REAL man. I do have my "woman card". I use it in conjunction with my "man card" to get double off on Tuesdays at all participating Katy Trail establishments.
posted May 3 2016 7:01PM - jim, St Thomas

Jim I believe you need an upgrade to a real "bike", Harley. But I understand if you have to ask your wife first. Maybe we can go to Sturgis this summer?
posted May 4 2016 4:45AM - Motor City Madman

Man! Getting a ""real "bike", Harley"" sounds great! I'll ask my wife when she gets home tonight and let you know about Sturgis!
posted May 5 2016 2:43PM - jim, St Thomas

If you stay at Joey's Birdhouse mile 100.1 in McKittrick She will meet all of your food needs. She cooks all
Rich Lauer
posted May 8 2016 10:31AM - Rich Lauer, Hermann

Hey, everyone. Sorry I'm so late in getting back. I appreciate all the responses. I'll make some phone calls.

posted May 12 2016 11:17AM - David, St. Joseph, MO

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