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Trailhead Brewing Co (St Charles)

My wife and I have eaten here in the past and had a great time. This Saturday we went in and were told we weren't dressed appropriately. We just finished doing the entire trail, showered that morning and had clean clothes on. I guess my Katy Trail tank top was offensive to them. I'm 50 years old and haven't had anyone for at least 30 years say I wasn't dressed appropriately. My money is the same color and anyone else's and I won't buy their t-shirts so I can eat there.
posted May 30 2006 9:58AM - TimG, Ozark, MO

I had the same experience a few years ago, except they loaned me a t-shirt to wear. (They require the men-folk to where shirts with sleeves.) I have eaten there 3 or 4 times and found the food and service to be 'average' at best.
posted Jun 2 2006 10:37PM - savage24, KC, MO

I've eaten there a few times but originally went because of the beer. As micro brews go, it's not much above average but considering the restaurant is in Budweiser country I'm not surprised at the beer being on the thin side. I have yet to try the beer in Augusta.
posted Jun 2 2006 10:56PM - Missouri Joe, O'Fallon, MO

I sent an email to the owner on 5/30 asking about their policy, but never got a response back. Just be aware that you may be turned away if you try to eat here in your exercise clothes.
posted Jun 3 2006 9:27AM - Ray (Webmaster)

We have tried both Trailhead and Augusta Brewing, and prefer Augusta Brewing Co. In fact, we will be there tomorrow after our ride!
posted Jun 3 2006 11:13AM - pas, Wentzville Mo

We own and operate Lococo House B&B and to our surprise our guests went out to dinner at the Trailhead restaurant and were turned away , because the mens were wearing sleeveless shirts ----- this is a street of businesses that make its living off of the tourism trade ------ I dont understand this policy ------ I guess we will have to consider our guets attire before we sugest places to eat ---- on Main Street -------Rhona Lococo
posted Jun 3 2006 7:02PM - Rhona Lococo, St. Charles, Mo.

I got a response back from the restaurant - looks like you'll be OK if you wear sleeves:

"It is important to us that our customers and potential customers feel welcome here at Trailhead. Our dress code is stated, and posted in our lobby as follows:

Male Guest- We certainly do not require ties and jackets, but we do ask your compliance to our no-sleeveless shirt policy.

Our hostess will happily loan you a clean “Trailgear” shirt while you enjoy dining at Trailhead Brewing Co.

Trailhead has had a longstanding dress code policy which requires adolescent and adult males to wear shirts with sleeves. The policy is designed to preserve the decorum and public perception of the restaurant. Under Trailhead’s policy, male patrons who do not have shirts which conform with the dress code policy are provided a clean shirt with sleeves by Trailhead which does conform with Trailhead’s dress code policy."

posted Jun 5 2006 2:36PM - Ray (webmaster)

So, tube tops on women are okay, but seeing a man's upper arms damages the "decorum and
public perception"???? Oh my!!
posted Jun 5 2006 7:40PM - sbikes, Kansas City

–––Mental Note: Keep ridin to someplace that likes the decorum of green money.
posted Jun 5 2006 8:40PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

Many restaurants ask that males wear shirt sleeves because of the hygiene issues (real or imagined) associated with body hair. In particular armpit hair. Since it is the societal norm for women to shave their armpits in this country, women are allowed to be served in these same establishements in spaghetti straps or even sleeveless dresses. However, most of these same establishments would turn away women in tube tops. No word on what would happen if a woman in a sundress sporting a Euorpean look tried to be served.
posted Jun 5 2006 9:51PM - Nails

I applaud any business that demands a minimum level of decorum. Been on a crowded flight lately w/ some rube in an Indiana wife-beater shirt tucked in beside you? I will definitely patronize this place of business on my way through........
posted Jun 14 2006 11:18AM - Dave, Cincinnati

Dave in Cincinnati,

Most of the "rubes"I have ever met where from Ohio......be careful with the pot and kettle thing. To think that YOU of all people have ANYTHING on anyone west of your pathetic city is laughable.
posted Jun 19 2006 12:30AM - ted, kansas city

Watch it, Cincinatti has the Dolly Parton building. Wait a minute, that's considered a joke, not a plum. Anyhow, we all now know the dress code for Trailhead and can vote with our respective pocketbooks and still love one another in spite of our homestate rivalries.
posted Jun 19 2006 6:53AM - Nails

Ted, how can you elucidate your feeble rants whilst failing to observe the laws of the English language. And besides, we have some of the best riots East of the Mississippi.
posted Jun 24 2006 8:43PM - Dave, Cincinnati

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