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Lodging availability along the trail

My husband and I are planning a week-long trip along the trail. We plan to camp most nights, but want to spend two, or possibly, three nights at inns/hotels/b&bs. There are some interesting and historic options for accommodation along the route.
We are hoping to leave our plan open to interesting distractions along the route, rather than get lodging reservations and have to make sure we make it to a specific location to honor the reservation.
Is it workable to call the day before we expect to arrive to inquire about lodging? Or are the lodging options along the route so busy that this isn't feasible?
posted Jun 26 2016 11:57AM - Cindy, Perkins, OK

I have done this before and found that there is more availability at the last minute in the Fall mid-week (i.e. not on the weekend when a lot of festivals are held). Seems to be less availability during the summer. You might plan on camping all the nights, and then if you find an opening, you will be pleasantly surprised.
posted Jun 26 2016 1:13PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

The Hotel Frederick in Boonville is a beautiful, remodeled historic building. The bar at the hotel is also a great place to sit and have a cocktail after a long ride.
posted Jun 27 2016 3:08PM - Clayton, Kansas City

It really depends on what is going on in the surrounding area as Don mentioned. MU football in the fall, etc. can book places for several miles of Columbia. Weekends in the Fall seem to book early. You may have better chances of last minute lodging in larger towns like Jeff City, Sedalia, Boonville, etc. The Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia is another remodeled historic building that may be an option. Closer to travel time, you could call potential places and ask about their book for the day you may arrive.
posted Jun 28 2016 10:30AM - Trek

I second the vote for the Frederick if you like historic buildings and such. That place is absolutely gorgeous and you can't miss with the bar inside or the verandah outside. Jeff City also has some great old buildings not to mention the Thomas Hart Benton murals at the state capitol.
posted Jun 28 2016 11:28AM - Kim C, Austin

Thanks Kim for mentioning the Thomas Hart Benton mural at the Missouri State Capitol. I would encourage planning a couple of days in Jefferson City. The Cliff House B & B does an excellent job catering to bicyclists. And by the way it is for sale. The current owner is a friend of mine and is trying to sell it to someone that will continue to operate it as a B & B. We have 3 other downtown hotels: Capitol Plaza, DoubleTree and Baymount, that are reasonable distances from the Katy. Plan to do a tour of the old Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP), tour the Capitol, which has a history museam, and natural history museum and incredible art, and be sure to enjoy our inviting downtown. We were voted the "Most Beautiful Small Town in America" a few years ago by Rand McNally. If you spend a day or more here you will figure out why.
posted Jun 29 2016 12:11AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

We were in Jeff City on a Saturday and there was nothing to do, except walk (or bike) around and maybe eat, drink, and very limited shopping. Public buildings are closed on Saturdays, but the statues and gardens are nice. Also, Jeff City is very, very hilly, so keep this in mind when biking.
posted Jun 29 2016 3:11PM - D.T., Burlington

I don't like the hills in Jefferson City either, although I am getting better at biking on them. And you do need to plan ahead to get the most out of your time here. Call our CVB ahead to book your tour of the Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP). The Ghost Tours are very popular. But you can tour the Capitol any day. They are open 8-5 every day except a few major holidays like Christmas. Tours of the building with a guide that gives great information about the artwork are on the hour and do not need to be scheduled ahead. Sundays downtown Jefferson City is dead. However Prison Brews in the 300 block of Ash, is open on Sundays.
posted Jun 30 2016 2:38PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

I think for most people coming off the Katy, Jefferson City is a bit much. From the flat, peaceful trail to hills and traffic is quite an adjustment. The area around the Capitol isn't bad, but to venture out much beyond that is a different story. It's a nice town, but I'd rather be in my car than on the bike.
posted Jun 30 2016 4:49PM - Trek

Yes, the hills are breathtaking (going up and down, be careful) but also if you go to JC you get to ride the fabulous bike/pedestrian bridge and ramp across the Missouri River. Every cyclist needs to do that, it's an engineering marvel. Stayed at Cliff Manor and liked it very much, BTW.
posted Jul 1 2016 8:46AM - Kim C, Austin

Yes, what Kim said! Even if you didn't plan to visit JC, it's well worth the couple-mile side trip just to ride the Missouri River Bridge (great views) and its very cool ramp.
posted Jul 1 2016 9:04AM - Ray

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