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Hi guys. Wondering if anyone had biked the trail in July, planning on riding around the 19th of July. How is the weather during this time?
posted Jul 8 2016 7:38PM - Mary, Independence

Its great - or terrible - depending on the weather! :-) All kidding aside July has a good chance for dry weather but if you do get storms they can be severe. If you check the 10-day forecast before you ride and plan accordingly you should be ok.
posted Jul 8 2016 10:01PM - Jim, St Thomas

The weather on the Katy is probably pretty similar to Independence weather.
posted Jul 9 2016 8:40AM - Anonymous

I just came back from a 5 day trip on the KATY July 10. A lot of trail is shaded and these are pretty comfortable to ride, but on a low 90's day the sunny parts are a challenge, sunblock and water are the most necesary items. We had to be on guard to keep from becoming dehydrated. If you can end the day in an airconditoned restaurant it makes it a lot nicer.

Have a great trip
posted Jul 11 2016 4:11PM - Allen, Shawnee

Rode this AM from Clinton - Sedalia. It is now 99 degrees out. Left early and it wasn't bad. A few miles in the sun but they seemed to go faster as you didn't have to worry about sticks/branches and the surface was easier to ride upon. Didn't try to break any records pedaling and stopped at the trailheads for a break and to fill up water bottles. If you're going to do this just be smart.
posted Jul 12 2017 1:45PM - Anonymous

Mary, if you get most of your ride in before noon, you'll be good from the heat and humidity. Have fun and drink when your not thirsty.
posted Jul 13 2017 6:22AM - George H.

I love riding this time of year. Early starts and taking it easy enjoying the ride is the best tip. The trail is in great shape right now. Beside the heat and humidity, I highly recommend bug spray. While you are moving you are okay, when you stop to rest or if you break down you are a target for mosquitoes and horseflies. I hate the horseflies because they think they can chase you on the ride too. But a bit of bug spray helps a lot! Good Luck!!
posted Jul 13 2017 8:05AM - Eric, Mokane

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