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Planning to ride the Katy at the end of Sept or 1st week of Oct. First time doing such a thing. I'd like to do it in about 5 days, 40-50 mile days biking a morning session of 20-25 miles and again each afternoon. I'm trying to plan the legs so I can rest at a good hotel or Bed & Breakfast at trailside.
I'm reaching out to those who have ridden or know the trail for advice on nice places to eat/ lodge.
My initial plan is to ride the train west to east from Clinton. [subject to change]. I'm thinking of:
Leg 1: Clinton to (about) Pilot Grove. I know it's a 60 mile day, but best to do it while still fresh.
Leg 2: Pilot Grove to Hartsburg; maybe Jeff City.
Leg 3 Hartsburg to Portland/Bluffton
Leg 4: Bluffton to Treloar/Marthasville
Leg 5: into St Charles (maybe end Defiance).

I'd appreciate your best advice and experiences at places you may have stayed around Pilot Grove, Hartsburg/Jeff City, Portland, Treloar .... or other places. Also, good places to eat along the trail (without going too far off the track), places to re-water and re-fuel with snacks, the wisdom of west to east vs. east to west riding, and certainly your best advice on HOW to do this ride.
posted Jul 9 2016 10:58PM - Tom Wheaton, Thornton CO

This is our 12mph average schedule of our ride a couple years ago. It includes elevation changes and times from point to point as well as locations of our overnights. We took short rest breaks with extended lunch breaks throughout the days. We used the Katy Trail interactive map and Google Earth to find locations for lunch and dinner meals. It's a little more than the daily average mileage your thinking, but it really worked well for us, we're in average physical condition. And FYI, the first day was the most difficult for us. Good Luck!

Day 1 - Clinton – Pilot Grove 61.3 Miles
Clinton – Windsor 16.6 miles, +110ft 9:00 – 10:25
Windsor – Sedalia 19 miles, +15ft 10:35 – 12:15
Sedalia – Clifton City 13.6 miles, -180ft 12:30 – 1:40
Clifton City – Pilot Grove 12.1 miles, +110ft 1:50 – 3:00
Katy Junction B&B 660-834-4043
Day 2 – Pilot Grove – Jefferson City 60.1 Miles
Pilot Grove – New Franklin 15.3 miles, -243ft 9:00 – 10:20
New Franklin – Huntsdale 16.3 miles, -17ft 10:30 – 11:50
Huntsdale – Wilton 14.3 miles, -9ft 12:10 – 1:25
Wilton – Jefferson City 14.2 miles, -18ft 1:35 – 3:00
Cliff Manor B&B 573-636-2013
Day 3 – Jefferson City – Marthasville 65.5 Miles
Jefferson City – Mokane 18.2 miles, -14ft 9:00 – 10:30
Mokane – Bluffton 14.1 miles, -0ft 10:40 – 11:50
Bluffton – Bernheimer 21.9 miles, -25ft 12:20 – 2:00
Bernheimer – Marthasville 11.3 miles, -11ft 2:10 – 3:00
Monette’s Cabin B&B 636-359-4501
Day 4 – Marthasville – St. Charles 38.2 Miles
Marthasville – Augusta 11.3 miles, -16ft 9:00 – 9:50
Augusta – Weldon Spring 10.4 miles, -22ft 10:00 – 10:45
Weldon Spring – St. Charles 16.5 miles, -8ft 11:00 – 12:15
posted Jul 10 2016 4:39PM - Charles Elmore, Lebanon, MO

The train doesn't go to Clinton but goes to Sedalia, so you would have to ride to Clinton or get a shuttle. I know nothing of B&B's. The 60 miles Clinton to Pilot Grove are the most difficult on the whole trail many long slow hills between Sedalia and Pilot Grove. Just sayin'.
Have a great trip.

posted Jul 10 2016 8:28PM - Allen, Shawnee

At Charles: THANKS. That is great information. I see you made the first day leg all the way to Clinton too, as I am initially planning. I'm going to pore over your ride times, but as a ride plan it looks great.
posted Jul 10 2016 9:03PM - Tom Wheaton, Thornton CO

At Allen: Good to know about the elevation change. I ride in Colorado where all the hills are UP hills. Yet, it's good to know ahead of time that there's a challenging leg on Day 1 when the legs are the most fresh.
posted Jul 10 2016 9:07PM - Tom Wheaton, Thornton CO

Haysler house in Clinton is a great place to start the trail from west to east. suggest sdalia first day, Boonville the 2nd,jeff city the 3rd, Rhineland the 4th, the st. Charles. you can leave your vehicle at the Haysler house the take the Amtrak back to warrensburg which can be met with a shuttle ride from the people at Haysler.
posted Jul 11 2016 9:29PM - Annette Barnes, Clinton, MO

Annette's route is great suggestion, similar to ours last October. Hotel Frederick in Boonville is a must-see and Jeff City is beautiful. If you don't do Rhineland I would recommend Joey's Birdhouse in McKittrick.
posted Jul 17 2016 9:07AM - Kim C, Austin

Portland camping at River's Edge is open for business ,Holzhauser's bar and Grill open all right next to the trailhead. The bar does not open up early in morning but is open from 11:00 til 9 or 10 most nights except Sunday closes a little earlier 6 I believe
posted Sep 13 2016 1:49PM - Melody Brownell, Portland,Mo

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