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The camping

We didn't camp at Cooper's Landing but I was wondering... (those of you who might know)...are the portable toilets all that are available there for campers and bikers alike?

Do they have live music all of the time?
posted May 30 2006 12:13PM - Drew & Karen, Blue Springs, MO

There is an indoor bathroom & shower that's available during regular store hours. There is a charge for using the shower. I've tent camped there 3 times and found the large portable toilets OK for after-hours use.

They've had live music every time I've camped there. Quality of the music was so-so, but acceptable for the setting.
posted May 30 2006 4:07PM - brad wilson, st louis

Never camped there, but again as in Hartburg/found the owners there great. Great Thai food also!
posted Jun 4 2006 12:34PM - Mom who rides with her daughters, Lee's Summit

We completed the trail last week and found Coopers Landing porta potties not serviced. It was so bad that we decided to move on to the next stop. We even renamed the place "Poopers Landing" Clean it up.
posted Jun 14 2006 10:26PM - JME, Lake St. Louis

Stayed there with my 10 year old daughter while we were biking across the katy. The live
music scene got a little rowdy at night and I had to ask some adjacent campers to stop
cursing and yelling (after the show) so we could sleep. Owner was very nice (I think his wife is
the one who makes the Thai food). We probably should have kept going, but it was getting a
little late. I think the owner has no problem with cyclists using the porta-potties as we used
them going the other direction without incident.
posted Jun 25 2006 9:26PM - Jared Ritter, Kansas City, MO

Ummmm.... camped there twice last year. Beautiful sunsets. Live music varied each night - no charge to listen too either, always a good thing to tip the musicians. Real cold beer. FRESH bisquits and gravy on Saturday morning.

As to "noise" at night I accept that some people stay up later and within reason I don't bother them. I've seen the owner ask parties to calm down and respect the 10pm quiet rule. If I want total peace and serentiy I go camping in the Applacian Mountains... you'll go a day and a half without seeing someone...!
posted Jul 20 2006 11:38PM - RB, Polecat Hollar, MD

Polecat Holler - Point made...the AT would be far more quiet...I laud your patience of Job. Regards....Mark of the Dalton Boys
posted Jul 21 2006 7:26AM - Mark of the Dalton Boys, Austin, TX/Columbia, MO.

I find the comments interesting on this page. I appreciate the comments saying the owner is nice. I have my moments. We provide 3 portapotties free to anyone who needs them. They get serviced once per week, usually Tuesday. If we have been busy and you time it wrong they will be stinky. We have a rest room in the store which provides shower and laundry for a fee. The toilet is available for free for ladies all the time and for everyone when the portapotties are needing service. We try to only rent campsites to people who will respect the 10 pm quiet time policy. My apologies to people who need to sleep and are kept awake by inconsiderate people. We try hard to provide an enjoyable and safe stay for you at Cooper's Landing. Mike Cooper
posted Jul 21 2006 8:09AM - Mike Cooper, Cooper's Landing

My family and I found Cooper's Landing cramped, trashy, loud and overrun with drunks. Therefore we named you Stupid's Landing. How to ruin a beautiful place along the river and Katy Trail.
posted Sep 7 2008 8:28PM - Anonymous

"Therefore we named you Stupid's Landing."

I bet it took you days and days to think that one up......
posted Sep 8 2008 7:59AM - Jim, St. Thomas

My buddy and myself passed by Coopers landing on our first bike trip pass there and found it to be very enjoyable along with some very good Bar-B-Q chicken. We have been wanting to make it back, but haven't found the time to yet! Thanks, from the bikers who know how to show appreciation!!!
posted Sep 8 2008 12:35PM - ron, portland, mo

Probably longer. The writer doesn't even know his own name to sign it. No one with any sense will give that comment any crediblity.
posted Sep 8 2008 12:36PM - Doug, Bluffton

Camped Friday night at Coopers. Great Thai food. Great campsite. Wasn't expecting the numerous bikers dropping off cars throughout the nite and early morning. Hope they read this and would consider being quieter on there next visit. Great music and fire. Greta trial ride and river views
posted Oct 5 2008 5:20PM - B Ross, St Charles

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