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Driver wanted

We would like to hire someone to drive our vehicle from Clinton to St Chalrles arriving in St Charles on Sept 19, 2016.
posted Jul 25 2016 7:56PM - Edward, Barrett, Berthoud, CO

Probably best to use the Trip Planner above and select Shuttles. There are some that shuttle both bikes and cars.
posted Jul 26 2016 3:51PM - MidSouth, Rogersville

Haysler house bb offers shuttle services. would suggest that you take the amtrac train from warrensburg to Kirkwood. the cost from Clinton to warrensburg is $50 plus about $55 per head for the train ride to Kirkwood. the combined cost is roughly 160 compared to our direct route of 280 and other competitors at 320.
posted Aug 21 2016 4:29PM - Annette Barnes, Clinton, MO

We need to shuttle from Clinton to St Charles.....hmmm, perhaps we could drive your car for you if you can accommodate two bikes. We are arriving in CLinton the 20 ..leaving our car and looking for a way to St Charles to start the Katy Trail...East to West...yes, we like to ride into the wind up hill both ways..ha ha...contact me if we could work something out
posted Apr 18 2017 1:19PM - Trish

Already made it. It was a long walk, but with 3 good months before snowfall it was very doable. Certainly your intentions were good.
posted Apr 18 2017 1:49PM - Anonymous

Anon, good to know that you did not get your car stolen. I have been worrying about this for two years. Why didn't you simply ride your bikes back?
posted Apr 18 2017 10:20PM - Anonymous

We had plenty of time. What would we have done for the 18 months?
posted Apr 19 2017 8:06AM - Anonymous

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