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Weldon Spring Bridge partial collapse

An ambulance crossing a bridge on the trail on Aug 11 caused the the bridge to partially collapse. This is not yet reported on DNR's website, but I can only assume the bridge will be closed to trail users, for a long time.

I'm sure the DNR will be reporting this, but in the meantime does anyone know what mile this is at, and whether there is an easy detour?

posted Aug 12 2016 6:50AM - Ray (webmaster)

It's not on the Katy trail itself. The bridge is on the Greenway trail that leads to the Katy trail from the Missouri Research Park parking lot. The Greenway trail is between MM 52 and 53.
posted Aug 12 2016 7:21AM - Linda C, Chesterfield

Thank you for the update Linda.

I have used the MO Research Park parking lot many times. I love that winding trail down from the lot - hope they can fix the bridge soon.

Well I guess it's good news that the Katy Trail itself is not affected, but that eliminates a great parking area for now.

Thanks again for the info.
posted Aug 12 2016 10:31AM - Ray (webmaster), Test BB

Busch Greenway/Great Rivers Greenway statement regarding bridge closure--
posted Aug 12 2016 5:16PM - Anonymous

Ambulance staff must not have been familiar with that trail at all. Thought there were large steel bollards at the parking lot to prevent vehicular traffic from entering or leaving the greenway. Odd they didn't retrace their steps to exit.
posted Aug 12 2016 8:05PM - Jim W, St Louis

Ambulances have used the bridge before. The large steel bollards in the parking lot are removable for this reason. They think it collapsed last night due to the flooding weakening/rotting the bridge supports.
posted Aug 13 2016 1:25PM - Cyndy, Dardenne Prairie

The Research Park trail connects with the KATY at MM 53.1. You can go down the KATY a little past the Weldon Spring Trailhead and catch the Hamburg trail. That links up with the Research Park trail. But since the bridge is out you would have to turn around at Duckett Creek to get back to the KATY
posted Aug 21 2016 7:20PM - Candee Seeds, Saint Charles

I was there today, and the bridge is certainly still "closed." Having said that, numerous people were hopping the wooden barriers on either side, and walking their bikes or dogs over the damaged section. The damaged section is depressed a good amount (nearly a foot on the less damaged side), so it is not a trivial crossing for some cyclists.

We opted for the Hamburg trail route to Defiance, which added significantly more vertical gain to our Sunday ride.

posted Aug 21 2016 11:18PM - Dave, Kirkwood

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