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firing near the trail

I was a bit unnerved by a dude shooting into the woods from just off the trail between Huntsdale and Rocheport. Is that legal? What should a person do if one hears shots and/or sees a shooter firing off into the woods? Can't those bullets ricochet or something. Pretty scary.
posted May 30 2006 12:59PM - Drew & Karen, Blue Springs, MO

All good questions but the shooter may or may not have been discharging their firearm in a legal manner depending on where they were. Land owners like the farmers adjacent to the trail may be perfectly in their rights to shoot varmints or engage in sport shooting. There is a gun club on the opposite side of the KT and Rt. 94 near Matson so shooting is frequently heard. Nothing to worry about. You also don't mention what kind of firearm was being used, rifle bullets can ricochet and travel great distances and would cause more concern. If people were hunting with .22 rifles (squirrels?) near the KT that might a problem but if shotguns, the pellets don't travel too far. All in all, with the trail going through rural MO I wouldn't be too alarmed. That said, someone firing on the trail or firing across the trail is not a good thing and is probably not legal. Wearing bright colored clothes might also help people seeing you, especially during deer season. I have seen 20 gauge shotgun shells near Weldon Spring but that abuts Busch Wildlife where hunting is allowed. I hope this helps a little.
posted May 30 2006 4:23PM - Missouri Joe, O'Fallon, MO

Not sure how close Busch Wildlife's boarders are to the Katy Trail but from the MO DNR site regarding the Katy Trail:

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. The trail passes through some remote areas and adjoins private property. Adjoining property may be used for commercial or business opportunities, quarrying, farming operations or hunting. Animals or structures located on adjoining private property may impact your use of the trail.

posted May 30 2006 5:40PM - Missouri Joe, O'Fallon, MO

Hunting is prohibited on the Trail, but keep in mind, that is only about a 12 ft path. The land
adjoining that strip is all fair game. So, yes, be alert. And, during deer season, avoid that
helmet with the antlers sticking out! If the deer had any sense they would just huddle on the
trail during hunting season.
posted May 30 2006 5:45PM - sbikes, Kansas City

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