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Is the Katy trail 237 miles or 269? I see the stickers and other related material indicating 237 but maps on this site, showing 269. What is the official mileage, or start/stop locations?
posted Aug 18 2016 9:27AM - JH

My vote is 237, although the mileage chart shows 237.7.

I don't see 269 anywhere.

(Your mileage may vary depending on trail conditions and riding style)
posted Aug 18 2016 9:51AM - Anonymous

If your riding style includes visiting wineries and micro-brews along the way, you can gain more miles from swerving back and forth. ;-)

I think the confusing comes from the difference between the mile markers and trail mileage. The Katy ends on the east end at MM 26.9. That 26.9 miles was for the trains going all the way into St. Louis. Therefore Clinton is at MM 264.6 but it's only 237.7 miles to the trail end at Machens.
posted Aug 18 2016 10:13AM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville Illinois

I was confused by the mile marker/actual miles bit. So mile zero is at mile marker 26.9.

Thanks for the help
posted Aug 18 2016 10:48AM - JH

The maps will need updated to indicate the correct mileage though.
posted Aug 18 2016 11:33AM - Anonymous

Well actually the maps and other resources use the railroad mileage, because the actual mile markers on the trail use that mileage system.

So if you go out on the trail near Machens, you'll see a physical mile marker sign along the trail that says "27".

So even though it's a little confusing to have to keep doing the math, the maps display the same mile numbers that you'll see while out on the trail. Which ends up being less confusing overall (I hope).

If you use the Mileage Chart link near the top of this page, and then click the name of the town where you are starting, you'll see the zero-based mileage in the Distance column.
posted Aug 18 2016 11:49AM - Ray (webmaster)

Well, let's eliminate the problem by going ahead and extending the Katy back into St. Louis! :)
posted Aug 18 2016 8:52PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

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