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I'm planning to walk the trail from Columbia to Boonville, and want to return to KC via train out of Sedalia. Do you provide shuttle service from Boonville to Sedalia? How much?
posted Aug 26 2016 3:53PM - Anonymous

This has been said before but apparently needs to be repeated. This is just a web forum about the Katy Trail. If you wish to know what services and prices a particular business offers then you will need to contact THEM. THEY can answer your questions about THEIR business that we as readers of this forum cannot. Will, this applies to your question as well.
posted Aug 26 2016 8:35PM - Doug, Bluffton

posted Sep 18 2016 10:15AM - Anonymous, Columbia

^not great language, but I don't think that the that was a great comment either Doug. You can't just assume everyone has read every post on the form and is aware of your arbitrary rules. If you don't want to answer something, then don't. But don't be condescending. And watch your language anon :\
posted Sep 18 2016 10:47AM - Rick

Not being condescending, just honest. If someone wants to know about a shuttle then they need to contact shuttle services not an open forum. I even said "apparently it needs to be repeated". It is not a rule. It is common sense. The readers of this forum as such, do not offer services and cannot speak for the owners of such businesses. If one wishes to know what services are offered by a particular business or type of business, then it makes much more sense to contact one of those businesses directly and ask questions of them, rather than blindly posting here in the hopes that an answer will be forthcoming. If you contact the business directly then you will definitely receive accurate answers to your question. Unless the original poster followed my advice and contacted a shuttle provider then the information he sought has not been forthcoming and almost a month has passed.
posted Sep 18 2016 7:11PM - Doug, Bluffton

OF COURSE. YOU were NOT being CONDESCENDING. And me neither. JUST being HONEST.
posted Sep 19 2016 7:53AM - Anonymous

Funny, you seem more like a jerk. Doug offered advice that would help the original poster find the information they wanted. You and Rick offered insults and criticism and nothing else. But that seems to be all you do. Doug has hundreds of comments complimenting his efforts, you have???? Oh yes, none. You do however have quite a few comments wishing you would grow up. Not to mention that you have yourself admonished others for asking questions that should have been directed to the business in question. Hypocrisy?
posted Sep 20 2016 8:06PM - Char, Hernann

You can ask me questions about businesses and services. I will just refer you to the related service an not even charge you a fee. Friendly state of MO. Doug is still a nice guy though.
posted Sep 21 2016 8:06AM - George H.

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