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Rivers Edge RV Park & Campground in Portland

I am the owner of River's Edge Campground and would like to announce the grand opening of the what was Riverfront bar and grill, now Holzhauser's Bar and Grill will be having a street dance and band to celebrate the new ownership on the 17th of Sept , bbq porksteak w/ sides plates available , taking place on the upper side of my campground next to the bar,
posted Sep 13 2016 2:04PM - Melody Brownell, Portland , Mo

I stayed at River's Edge last October and watched the Royals beat the Blue Jays in Game 2 of the ALCS in the Riverfront Bar & Grill. What a great campground with a great view of the river. The bar & grill cannot be any handier. Good luck with the bar!
posted Sep 13 2016 8:22PM - A Cyclist, Lee's Summit

Hi, I tried calling the number for the campground today to see about making reservations when I ride the Katy Trail in October. I called the number listed here 573-676-3540 didn't get an answer so I tried to call the bar to see if they could help me and they told me they were not affiliated with the campground and couldn't help me with who to contact and told me to google the campground. Can someone please tell me how to get a hold of the administration for the campground (number, contact name or any info) or best time to call to get a hold of someone. Thanks so much in advance. Any help would be appreciated.
posted Sep 15 2016 1:58PM - Yvonne

I think you called the wrong bar. The number I see listed for the bar in Portland is 573-676-3271.
posted Sep 15 2016 3:14PM - Jim, St Thomas

The number I put in my comment is the number I got for the campground. I didn't mean it was the number for the bar. I'm trying to reach the campground
posted Sep 15 2016 3:19PM - Yvonne

The folks that own the bar also own the campground. I don't know where you got the number you're trying but try the number I gave you - its the one listed for them on this site.
posted Sep 15 2016 3:25PM - Jim, St Thomas

The Brownells own the Campground. The Holzhausers own the bar. Yvonne you have the correct number for the Brownell's. They might be out in the yard working or at work or at the store etc. Try them in the evening.
posted Sep 15 2016 3:32PM - Doug, Bluffton

Thanks for clearing that up. I should stay out of things I don't know for certain. :-)
posted Sep 15 2016 3:59PM - Jim, St Thomas

Thanks for your reply Doug. I'll keep trying.
posted Sep 15 2016 4:00PM - Yvonne

When I have contacted them I have had to leave a message and then they reply later, they both work.

posted Sep 15 2016 4:17PM - Allen, Shawnee

Heck Jim, I LIVE here and it still gets confusing on who bought what or sold it or moved out and left it to the kids.
posted Sep 15 2016 5:22PM - Doug, Bluffton

Small towns are like that. Still I need to not confuse "what I think" with "what I know".
posted Sep 16 2016 6:29PM - jim, St thomas

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