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Bedding for Turner Shelter, Tebbetts

2 cyclists in need of bedding for Turner Shelter, Thurs Oct 6. The woman who formerly offered this service is no longer doing it. We are willing to pay someone to have bedding (2 sets of 2 sheets and pillowcase) at the Turner Shelter on that date. Thanks!
posted Sep 26 2016 5:29PM - Desertpigs, Tucson, AZ

Are you looking for fancy (as in everything matching) or just clean? There is always an assortment of donated bedding at the shelter these days. I can make sure it has been washed before you get there on the 6th if that works.
posted Sep 26 2016 8:02PM - Jim, St Thomas

Jim, let me know if I can help. I live a heck of a lot closer to the shelter.
posted Sep 27 2016 12:38PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

I will Gary. Usually I go down on Friday and Wednesday so their Thursday stop works fine for me.
posted Sep 27 2016 4:36PM - jim, St thomas

Fantastic, Jim! We do not care if anything is fancy or matches, but clean would be great. Would you like my contact information? And, hi to "Gary, near Tebbetts" who provided a much needed detour shuttle in Sept, 2014 for me and a friend during our KT ride.
posted Sep 27 2016 6:48PM - Desertpigs, Tucson

Welcome back, will you here for the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival that weekend? Looks like you are in for some great weather.
posted Sep 27 2016 11:47PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Send your contact info to Jcirwin1980@gmail.com
posted Sep 28 2016 11:36AM - Jim, St Thomas

I don't get matching sheets an Desertpigs? Help me out?
posted Sep 28 2016 6:13PM - Anonymous

We (3) will also be at Turner this week but on Tuesday Oct 4. Could we please get clean sheets also? Would be morecthan happybto pay for the service or donate to shelter. Also do you have ideas for a spot to get dinner as the book shows no food at Turner. Thanks for your help and ideas. I would be glad to share our contact info.
posted Oct 1 2016 8:20AM - Rrandy, Ofallon MO

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