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Duckett Creek Bridge

Anyone know if the bridge at the Duckett Creek Water Treatment trail to the Katy is still out?
posted Nov 3 2016 8:58AM - Joe, Wildwood

The Great Rivers Greenway recently reported that the bridge likely will not be open until next spring.
posted Nov 4 2016 8:08PM - Linda, Chesterfield

It is ridiculous that this bridge is still not fixed (almost six months!). I have reached out to the Great Rivers Greenway organization and others and have heard more than one reason that this bridge has still not been repaired or replaced. If a private business took this long to repair something similar, the same people preventing this bridge from being repaired (due to governmental red tape) would be screaming for the business to be held responsible. Very frustrating.
posted Jan 24 2017 9:35PM - KATY Trail Runner/Biker, Webster

That bridge was not designed for 2 ton vehicles like the ambulance that tried to cross it. Hopefully when it is repaired, it will be restricted to foot and bicycle traffic. Sad that there weren't restrictions in place before it was destroyed.
posted Jan 24 2017 10:11PM - Jim W, St Louis

Apparently in the past, the pedestrian bridge had been successfully used by an ambulance(s) to rescue people in need. Unfortunately, the last time the bridge didn’t handle the weight. And it is unfortunate that the bridge rebuild is such a low priority.

However, what I find most nonsensical is this: Less than a mile up the trail from where the connector meets the trail is the I64/US40 bridge. For years during the construction of the new bridge that opened in 2016, there was an access for the construction equipment down to the Katy Trail that runs under the bridge. After the bridge was completed, the access was filled in with tons of dirt ending access by motor vehicles to the trail. This access could have been used by emergency vehicles for the last several years and in the future. Bureaucracy, I guess.
posted Jan 24 2017 11:34PM - dennis

So, to further highlight the sheer absurdity of this situation, some genius directed someone to manually cut out the previously damaged but easily passable part of the damaged bridge. Not sure when this occurred, but yesterday I saw an older women, trying to cross the creek walking over a 2x4 and a 4x4, slip and fall into the water and rocks. She appeared to be okay, but it could have been much worse.

What do you want to bet, some clever attorney advised those responsible that if the did everything possible to make the bridge impassable, it would be harder for someone to succeed in a lawsuit if they were injured trying to cross the creek. Just a guess on my part, but would not surprise me. This is a situation that will not be fixed with clever posters talking about fixing the bridge, but rather much overdue action to get the bridge repaired.
posted Feb 12 2017 12:00PM - KATY Trail Runner and Biker, Webster

Very disappointed in Great Rivers Greenway lack of response to restoring one of the best closest access points to the Katy near St. Louis. Over 6 months and not a sign of repair, just further deterioration of the sight. Still cannot believe motor vehicles were allowed over this bridge. Doesn't make sense!
posted Feb 13 2017 10:19AM - Jim W, St Louis

Quite a few people coming from the St. Louis side of the river have been parking at the Premium Outlets and crossing over to Katy using the new bridge.
posted Feb 13 2017 9:54PM - dennis

Parking at the premium outlet stores is a good option. I would advise carrying your bike across the small field to the trail and then across the bridge to the Katy. I've achieved 2 flats riding across this small field beyond the parking lot.
posted Feb 19 2017 9:07AM - dave, High Ridge

On February 18, I had An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, er, Duckett Creek Bridge. This was my fourth attempt at accessing the KATY on a ride that started in O'Fallon. Previous attempts found me on gravel roads marked "No trespassing". I saw a couple of cyclists coming from the KATY doing a "hike-a-bike" on the ridge to the West of the Busch Greenway. So I did the same to reach the KATY.

WRT "Over 6 months and not a sign of repair" and the like. A sign is posted indicating that a redesign is taking place.
posted Feb 21 2017 2:16PM - Paul Toigo, Kansas City

I just read on the Bikelife STL Facebook page that the bridge is repaired and open.
posted Feb 25 2017 7:33PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

We were there last weekend and nothing had been done or even started, just the mess it has been for months. Don't get your hopes up. Doubtful that it became fixed in the past week.

posted Feb 26 2017 9:54AM - Jim W, St Louis

The Facebook post says that it only took two days to fix. A few people complained that if it only took 2 days, why did they wait months to fix it. I'm thinking engineering plans, awaiting parts, and budgeting issues.

You can check it out at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BIkelifeSTL/
posted Feb 26 2017 6:15PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

The bridge was reopened last week. I parked at Duckett creek and used the bridge yesterday 3/4/2017. Great Rivers Greenway on FB and the web were where I found the info. https://www.facebook.com/GreatRiversGreenway/?pnref=story and this link for the web http://greatriversgreenway.org/greenway/busch-greenway/
posted Mar 5 2017 9:42AM - Anonymous

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