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Hiking The Katy Trail...Joey's/Hartsburg Globe

I recently took a 5 day solo hike from Treloar to McBane the end of September to attend the 3 day Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival in Columbia. The logistics of walking the KT are a little more challenging than biking. Sleeping accommodations are not spaced conveniently for walkers who generally cover about 15-20 miles/day. I was fortunate enough to receive great support from Joey's in KcKittrick and The Hartsburg Globe Hotel. I stayed 2 nights in each place and they picked me up at the end of my hike and shuttled me back to my previous ending point the next morning ($25 for each pick up of delivery).

Joey is an amazing woman and was unbelievably hospitable. She was booked one of the nights that I was trying to stay there so to accommodate me, she actually let me stay in her house while she spent that night out with a friend. The next night I moved into The Mercantile which is the largest hotel room that I have ever stayed in. The bed is on a stage. Upon arrival I was offered a cold beer which was greatly appreciated. My first night Joey cooked for me and another couple. The food was excellent, as were the two breakfasts that I had while I was there. Some of the items for the meal came straight from Joey's organic garden. The next night Joey and her boy friend (I think his name is Terry) who is a very cool guy in the Elderberry business in Columbia, gave me a ride into town for dinner. Don't worry if you get into trouble in McKittrick MO because Joey is also the mayor of the city.

I would like to weigh in on the ongoing Mokane Market discussion. I stopped at the market and for whatever reason, felt the coldness that many of the people have posted about. I did get a cold but sandwich which was very good. I tried to pay with my credit card for a $4.65 purchase but was instructed that the minimum charge is $5.00. Not a huge deal, but I thought it was a little petty.

I spent the last two nights of my trip at the Hartsburg Globe Hotel run by Mark and Leaia. I loved the accommodations. The only drawback is the shared bathrooms but they are enough bathrooms that you should never really have a problem. Mark and Leaia are really working hard at making the business work. I am quite sure that the B & B business is a lot more work and not as glamorous and it looks. They are good people and deserve your biz. I ate 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts there and they were all delicious. Leiaia also packed me a lunch for both days.

I love country bars and enjoyed the Riverside Bar & Grill in Portland and The Hitching Post in Hartsburg. There was no one in the Riverside the afternoon I was but The Hitching Post does a nice business and met some fun people there one evening. The drinks are strong and inexpensive by my big city standards. The only drawback to both places is they reek of smoke. Being from St Louis, I am not used to that.

Hiking the KT solo was an amazing experience. I would walk for around 6-8 hours a day. There are many places where you are walking in a canopy of trees or walking beside the Missouri. I took the my headphones with me but never listened to music the whole time. It was unbelievably peaceful. The sound of the birds and the crunching of the leaves were all the music that I required.

I was really impressed by the age of the bikers I saw and met every day along the way. I am in my early 60s and try take care of myself. So many people in our society don't. Most of the bikers that I met on the trail were in their late 50s, 60s and even 70s. It was very refreshing to see.

I did stop at the Lost Creek Vinyard in Gore and really enjoyed sitting outside and eating the lunch that I had packed. It is very pretty there.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Boathenge at Cooper's Landing and am not quite sure why it is not more well known.

posted Dec 4 2016 2:12PM - John

Great report.

Congratulations on your hike.

Thanks for sharing this very useful information.
posted Dec 4 2016 10:08PM - Anonymous

As a big fan of both the Katy Trail and the Roots n Blues n BBQ Festival, I loved reading the account of your trip. Both are real treasures to the Midwest!
posted Dec 4 2016 10:43PM - A Cyclist, Lee's Summit

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