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I want to ride my bike from the Amtrak station in Lees Summit to the trailhead in Pleasant Hill. Can anyone suggest a safe route?
posted Jan 14 2017 7:22PM - Mike M, St Louis

I rode from my house in Lee's Summit to the trailhead in Pleasant Hill and on to Windsor a few weeks back. I'm not sure if this link will work or not, but if it does, it has my route:

posted Jan 15 2017 10:06AM - A Cyclist, Lee's Summit

If I worked for MO Dept of Tourism and/or MO DNR, I'd combine forces to move heaven and earth to get Amtrak to arrange for a whistle stop to drop riders off in P Hill. It's not like it doesn't go right through there.

Would be good to promote the trail and I imagine Amtrak could use the business.

Do that and it's a cab ride from St. Charles to Lambert, light rail to Downtown St. Louis and Amtrak on to P Hill.
posted Jan 15 2017 3:45PM - LK, Columbia

Ooops.......good answer, wrong thread. what was I thinking?
posted Jan 15 2017 3:50PM - LK, Columbia

It is difficult to get you an exact route because there is a lot of construction going on where you will need to cross 50 Highway. On a map you should be able to find Smart Road and you can take that south until you to the Old MO Pac trail which will take you on into Pleasant Hill. Once completed all you need to do is take 2nd Street East from the Amtrak station which will turn into Langsford. Go south on Blackwell until you cross 50 Highway. You can then take the south Outer Road east to Smart Rd. Hope that helps a little as there may be 20 ways to get there.
posted Jan 17 2017 11:24AM - KWB, Lees Summit

I have been planning on this a while and while I have not tried this route, it is the first one i would try. Go west from Amtrak station to Ward road ( just a few blocks) and you could walk your bike along 50 hiway to Ward rd. Go south on Ward road to 171 st there is a MUP for about 1/2 of this trip the rest is two lane road. East on 171 this is 2 land rural road no reason for this to have much traffic. South on 291, this is one part that may be dicey but 291 has a small shoulder and it is only 1/2 mile. Go east on 175 st. (another 2 lane rural road) to smart road then into Pleasant Hill. If you look at google maps and enact bicycle structure in menu you can see all the bike paths and such, this is a great help in planning a route. I used street view to look at most of this route and I will try it myself this spring.
If someone who lives in the area can chime in it would be helpful.

posted Jan 17 2017 1:13PM - Allen, Shawnee

Slight correction to my route. It is about a mile from Amtrak station to Ward Rd. and you can follow small streets most of way until you get close to 50 Hiway then go to 3 st to get under 50 hiway to Ward Rd. When you look at map this will be more evident
posted Jan 17 2017 1:31PM - Allen, Shawnee

Please e-mail me for more ideas. Scouted a route when I went home for Christmas this year. Would benefit from exchanging ideas. :) Also, getting started from the trail head is a little confusing. The route goes through and around downtown, the associated turns were marked with plastic signs like what are used for garage sales.
posted Jan 20 2017 4:35PM - CJ , Marlin, TX(Lee's Summit, MO)

Check the Pleasant Hill - Rock Island Facebook page. There is a guy on there who has ridden it and has posted in Strava route or Ride With GPS route...that might be helpful to you.
posted Jan 20 2017 10:04PM - Anonymous

Use Google Maps. In "options" click "bicycle". It will map you a route from LS Amtrak to PH trailhead. Back this up with a satellite view of the route. Google maps aren't always accurate with bicycle routes.
posted Feb 20 2017 11:09AM - Ron_S, Overland Park

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