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City Park in Pilot Grove

Is this a safe place to camp for someone on a solo ride? It looks like most of the comments aren't recent. I'm also trying to figure out if the park is one big open area, or smaller divided ones ...... thanks for any info!
posted Mar 16 2017 7:51PM - Kelly, Colorado

Kelly, I have not camped in City Park, but have stayed in and around Pilot Grove many times. Extended family also lives there. Very peaceful and safe community. Mostly farm families in the area. Good services nearby.
posted Mar 17 2017 6:50AM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

I haven't camped there but I checked it out on a ride last fall. It's a bog open area. The restrooms looked kind of sparse. No showers unless you are there in the summer when the pool is open. I like Pilot Grove and I'd camp in the park if it fit my plans.
posted Mar 17 2017 7:56AM - John Hutchins, Pacific

We camped there last year, there were three of us but there was another camper a single woman.

We felt safe, no issues at all.

The bathroom is not the cleanest but it was nice to have a pavilion and tables for the night.
posted Mar 17 2017 8:16AM - MPH, ST Louis

I stayed there my first night last year. All the comments are dead on. If you want to see what it looks like on video, I filmed the ride and the first video shows what to expect. You can see it on youtube on "katytrail 2016" HONDO
posted Mar 18 2017 5:52AM - Anonymous

Thanks everyone!!
posted Mar 18 2017 9:25AM - Kelly, Colorado

I have camped there about 6 times. Good place to camp/bathroom/shower/electricity for charging phone. My only complaint was the log truck that started early and took 2 hours to warm up before they left.
posted Mar 18 2017 2:13PM - ArkyKenny

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