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In Boonville in the rain, questions

Hi all, we are currently biking from the western terminus to the eastern terminus of the KT. Does anyone out there have any idea how quickly the water drains from the trail where it might not be a soggy as it is now, and how long that would take? We're currently hanging out at Hotel Frederic in Boonville figuring things out.
posted Apr 30 2017 9:52AM - Marianna Young, Monte Vista,CO

I've ridden on the Katy the during and the day after some heavy rains and the trail was OK if not a little dirty. However there were a few times where I ran into mud slides and that was a different matter. Things might be worse as the last few days have had heavy rain and there might be a chance of flooding on the trail.
posted Apr 30 2017 10:00AM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

The Trail conditions/advisories link on this website used to take you to the DNR site and that was updated regularly. But I just checked it and also went there via facebook and I am not sure that DNR is getting out and eyeballing the conditions and reporting them like they used to. Maybe it's not safe for them. But I did see something to the effect that they don't update that on weekends now (which is probably due to budget problems). But if you are not yet connected via facebook to the DNR Katy Trail facebook page you should do that for helpful updates. Also follow the river levels. I posted in the last day or so on another thread how to get to the National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service site. Oh, and if you go out and get to some place where the trail is washed out and you can't progress, turn around and go back. Maybe some of the shuttle folks might want to get on this thread and post their contact information if they are willing to pick you up. You'd have to pay, but it would be one way to get to your next planned stop, and maybe you can get farther tomorrow. Good luck.
posted Apr 30 2017 1:18PM - cathy, Jefferson City

We are also concerned with the river flood warnings. We are planning to ride the Rochefort to Hartsburg section today but would like to know what the conditions are, then planning to ride Hartsburg to Tibbetts tomorrow. Any info would be helpful.
posted May 1 2017 7:16AM - Mary Lemirande, New Berlin, WI

This is what DNR shows right now regarding trail conditions.
The following areas are currently affected by flood or storm damage. Trail users should exercise caution and be alert for work crews using heavy equipment while repairs are underway.

Closed to all access
-- MM 34 - 35, Weldon Spring (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 67 - 71, west of the Augusta trailhead (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 72 - 27 (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 98 (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 98.7 (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 102.3 (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 103.3 (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 115.9, Portland trailhead (effective May 1, 2017)
-- MM 157.4 near Wilton (effective April 30, 2017)
-- MM 149.8 to 153.6 between Claysville and Hartburg. Users in this area can use East Hartsburg Bottom Road to detour around flood areas. (effective April 30, 2017)
Hope this helps.
posted May 1 2017 11:16AM - Jodygofast, Columbia MO

And here's DNR's link in case you don't have it handy:


Click through the "Advisories" on the right-hand side of the page.

I'm sure this is a disappointment if you need to cancel because of the trail closures. But since you're here in MO and presumably have the week, you might consider riding west, rather than not riding at all.

I suppose it's possible there could be some trail washouts to the west, but the trail is not next to the river west of Boonville, so no flood worries in that direction.

Boonville to Clinton is about 75 miles, and you could even check out a piece of the Rock Island Trail to add a few more miles.

Good luck, wish it could have turned out better for everyone who had ride plans this week.

Happy trails,
posted May 1 2017 11:29AM - Ray (webmaster)

I plan to ride from Lee's Summit to St Charles starting Sat or Sun May 6. Any chance the trail will be open by then? I expect extensive flooding along the eastern part through this week. Yes?
posted May 1 2017 8:21PM - kcrider, Sugar Creek

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