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Pleasant Hill

Was trying to run from Pleasant Hill.
The initial few miles are quite interesting, for a newbe. I found myself running along a major Hway (#7) which had no shoulder whatsoever, and moderate traffic. It was quite an experience.
Did i mess up and missed the trail or is it hway most of the way.?
posted May 28 2017 9:29AM - David Biersmith, Independence

I think you missed the actual trail. Hwy 7 crosses the trail, south of Pleasant Hill, but the trail itself is the old railroad right-of-way, covered in small gravel. It's ideal for newbies.

Check out the map near the bottom of this page: http://www.bikekatytrail.com/pleasant-hill-mo.aspx
The Rock Island trail appears as a thick brownish line on the map.

If you make it back and try again, you'll be happy with what you find. Good luck and happy trails!
posted May 28 2017 10:03AM - Ray (webmaster)

I had the same experience leaving Pleasant Hill. It is not very well marked and I ended up on Highway 7 too. Came back a few days later to re-trace my mistake. However, the trail is beautiful and had a wonderful ride to Windsor.
posted May 29 2017 7:06AM - Anonymous, Warrensburg

I'm sorry but saying the trail is done at Pleasant Hill is not an accurate depiction! The work around to get from under Hwy 7 to the trail head is dangerous in my opinion. Those roads are too narrow and have no shoulder. Is the hold up for a proper finish land owner disputes?
posted May 29 2017 10:44PM - Gary, Peculiar

There are two trailheads in Pleasant Hill. The main one is downtown, on Highway 58 otherwise known as Commercial Street, I believe. It is the Cass County Fairgrounds. There is parking there dedicated to the trail.

Second option is east of town a bit. Highway 58 from PH heading east out of town. Watch for a road called Purvis on your right. Head roughly a mile south on Purvis. The trailhead will be on the left.

If you park at the Fairgrounds lot, you'll have to ride on some paved streets/roads for a bit until you get to the actual trail. It is a bit confusing if you haven't done it before, and could be marked better. You ride east on 58 from downtown old PH, to highway 7, then south a little way to the trail entrance on the right.

There is an active rail line through PH, which is why the trail doesn't go straight from the Fairgrounds to the east side trailhead. Something about the bike trail not being allowed to cross the active rail line.

Purvis is a rock/dirt road, FYI. If you're averse to taking your car down that type of road, the Fairgrounds trailhead is paved streets with a gravel parking lot.
posted Jun 4 2017 11:01PM - MB, Lee's Summit, MO

I forgot to add that if you look for the Cass County fairgrounds (i.e, main trailhead) on Google Maps, you can see the dashed line that represents the trail. Follow it southeast and you will see where the dashed line intersects Purvis Road, the alt trailhead for PH.
posted Jun 4 2017 11:04PM - MB, Lee's Summit, MO

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