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2017 dnr opportunity

Due to a medical emergency I know have an extra spot that I purchased for the 2017 ride. I am unable to get a refund for it. It can be purchased at a very large discount over what I paid. Includes a shuttle from St Charles to Clinton.
posted Jun 8 2017 9:05PM - Scout110, De Soto

I am a newbe, what is dnr?
posted Jun 9 2017 7:42AM - David Biersmith, Independence

According to the 2017 Katy Trail Ride web site "Katy Trail Ride registrations are non-transferrable to any other person(s) for any reason at any time. If a cancelation is necessary, please follow the refund procedures."

Have you asked them if you can transfer it?

As for David's question, dnr is the Department of Natural Resources and in this case, Missouri's. They put on an excellent Katy Trail ride. I'll be doing it for my 7th time.

posted Jun 9 2017 9:13AM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville IL

I heard there is an age minimum of 50 for that ride?
posted Jun 9 2017 12:49PM - Juice

That's true. It's a ride for people who know what they're doing and not those younger who only think they know everything.
posted Jun 9 2017 1:06PM - Anonymous

I think that the average age might be just below 50 YO, but that could be due to some parents and grandparents bringing their pre-teens on the ride. That skews the average downward somewhat. I hope to bring my 10 YO grandson next year. Our average age will be around 36.
posted Jun 9 2017 1:26PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville IL

I have ridden and volunteered on this ride for about 8 years now. The youngest I have seen ride and make it from end to end is 7 years old. The oldest is currently 87 and he will likely make it 88 next year! This ride has something for everyone and I always look forward to meeting riders, talking bikes and their various experiences! This is the Cadillac of ride coordination! It is so awesome, a person can easily gain weight on this ride... No starving between meals either, every 10 or so miles is the next SAG stop just waiting to greet you!!
posted Jun 9 2017 3:56PM - Eric, Mokane

We tried to cancel and get a refund minus the registration fee. They won't do it. Basically we get a 470 dollar t-shirt. Bought 2 spots but due to a brain surgery on our child, someone has to stay home with her. Don't know why you couldn't transfer it. The spot is paid for.
posted Jun 9 2017 7:58PM - Scout110, De Soto

Sometimes ride organizers do not allow transfer of registration because of scalpers. When there are limited spots, this is more common.

However, I would think with an situation like yours the DNR would make an exception on compassionate grounds. Presume you have called and asked to speak with someone who might be able to waive the transfer prohibition. If you live in Missouri, contact your congressman's or senator's office and ask for constituent assistance to contact the DNR on your behalf.


posted Jun 9 2017 8:25PM - Jon, N Texas

Constituent assistance? Does that require a campaign donation?
posted Jun 10 2017 9:57AM - Anonymous

I wouldn't waste a Senator's time on a bicycle ride. I just thought maybe we could recoupe some of our money. I have participated in this ride multiple times. Usually there is a wait list but I guess that isn't the case anymore. The kid is doing good. That is more important than the money lost on the bike ride. Thanks for the input.
posted Jun 10 2017 11:09PM - Scout110

I guess that's why they only have 30-40 mile days, to allow a 5-10 mph pace for newbies and slow pokes to take photos of birds and butterflies. Just be careful with those wide handlebar cruiser bikes going thru those narrow trail barrier gates. It could get nasty real fast. And pack a lot of butt butter for those tender rears.
posted Jun 11 2017 10:35AM - Juice

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