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Eclipse ride camping in Rocheport?

I'm arriving in Jeff City by train on Sunday Aug 20 and riding to Rocheport that afternoon. When I checked in February there was no lodging available. I'm willing to bring my tent but the only nearby camping I see is at Diana Bend Conservation Area and it looks a little isolated. Is anyone aware of special event camping in or very near Rocheport? I saw a comment about camping north of the river in Jeff City but there's no way I can ride from there to Rocheport and back on Monday and I prefer not to have to pay for a shuttle (if I can even get one). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
posted Jul 4 2017 7:53PM - Vita, Paris, IL

You might try the Katy Roundhouse in Franklin-it's about 10 miles from Rocheport. Of course,that would add 10 miles to your trip back to Jeff City.
posted Jul 4 2017 9:52PM - Sharon E, Kansas City

Have you thought about Hartsburg?
posted Jul 5 2017 10:48AM - Sarah, Hartsburg

Thank you for your comments!
Franklin is too far west. I couldn't do those extra miles both ways.
And all the places I could find in Hartsburg were also booked when I looked in February...Sarah, do you know of a place that might not be listed?
posted Jul 5 2017 1:11PM - Vita, Paris, IL

Sorry, Vita, but there is no camping in the City of Rocheport. That law dates back many years. Diana Bend, however, is quite close, and is beautiful. We have lots of amenities in Rocheport, but, alas, camping is not one of them. Be certain to remember your insect repellant! The mosquito is the Rocheport Mascot! Enjoy the eclipse.
posted Jul 5 2017 1:24PM - Rocheport Local Resident, Rocheport, MO

There are 3... I can't speak for the caboose... but I understand Eber Haus as availability and the Globe has availability some days... I hope that helps...
posted Jul 5 2017 2:53PM - Sarah, Hartsburg

there is camping in Hartsburg... not sure if those sites at Legion park are full or not. Hope that helps. sje
posted Jul 5 2017 3:25PM - Sarah, Hartsburg

There is also primitive camping at Hart Creek Conservation area about 2 miles west of Hartsburg.
posted Jul 5 2017 5:47PM - jim, St thomas

Sorry, y'all, I was thinking HUNTSDALE not Hartsburg. I appreciate the info but Hartsburg is too far from Rocheport.
I received an email from the ride schedulers and they said there would be no special event camping in Rocheport. They made some recommendations, but all were too far and would require a morning shuttle.
Guess I'll take my chances with Diana Bend, although I might need a blood transfusion to make up for what I lose to mosquitoes!
posted Jul 5 2017 5:57PM - Vita, Paris, IL

You might check some of those places again. It's been a long time since February. There might have been cancellations. Just a thought.
posted Jul 7 2017 11:57AM - Anonymous

My friend and I are headed that way in a couple weeks and thinking of camping at the Diana Bend area....please leave some feedback on your trip and what you ended up doing and any suggestions! Hope your trip is great!!
posted Aug 18 2017 10:04AM - Jacquelyn, Magnolia, Texas

My advice on camping at Diana Bend? Two words...just don't. The road to what is supposed to be the camping area is large grade gravel so you wouldn't want to ride it...I sure didn't. I ended up "stealth" camping on a mowed lane just east of mm 180 but still inside the conservation area. If you've never camped in a primitive area you wouldn't like that spot either.
posted Aug 23 2017 11:32AM - Vita, Paris, IL

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