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Kansas City to Katy Shuttles?

Have planned an epic Katy/Rock Island Trail adventure on our Bike Friday tandem in mid-August. Got all planned for arriving in St. Louis, getting to Machens and riding to Pleasant Hill at end of Rock Island Trail and then 23 miles into Kansas City. Does anyone know of a shuttle/taxi/Uber service that can take us and a tandem bike (with trailer) from Kansas City to Booneville so we can ride back on the Katy? There seems to be a lack of information on the web and I'm stumped.
posted Jul 8 2017 1:00PM - John&Judy_Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

Can you clarify so we can better help you? You want to start in Machens, ride the Katy to Windsor, then take the Rock Island to Pleasant Hill, then ride into KC, then have a shuttle take you to Boonville, where you will jump back onto the Katy to ride back to St. Louis?
posted Jul 9 2017 11:44AM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

Yes, you have our route plan correct. We are riding from Machens to Windosor (with a side trip to Clinton and Back), then the Rock Island trail to Pleasant Hill then riding 23 road miles to Kansas City. Several days later, we are looking for a shuttle to Booneville to ride back to St. Charles then shuttle back to St. Louis. Got any good suggestions?
posted Jul 9 2017 4:54PM - John&Judy_Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

There is a shuttle service in Booneville. They may pick you up in KC and take you to Boonevile.

cbamshuttle - Boonville, MO
On the Katy Trail

Boonville info

Boonville, MO


cbamshuttle website
Able to shuttle up to 4 or 5 people
posted Jul 9 2017 8:26PM - Anonymous

Just about any shuttle service that caters to bicyclists would be able to help, since most of them go past Boonville for their regular shuttles. The limiting factor might be the tandem bike length. I would try to call those listed on this site. Go to Trip Planner at the top of the page, then select Shuttle and Build My List. Calling each of them might give you the best results.
posted Jul 10 2017 9:22AM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

It would probably be more cost effective to use a shuttle that was near Boonville. A trip from Boonville to KC and back would surely cost less than a trip from the eastern end of the trail to KC, through Boonville, and back to the east. They might be willing to help, but cost prohibitive. Perhaps money is not object.
posted Jul 10 2017 11:34AM - Anonymous

Thanks for all the help about shuttles. Will begin calling them to arrange the trip. Will report next month how things went. Looking forward to a three week long Katy/R.I. ride - and back!
posted Jul 10 2017 1:58PM - John&Judy_Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska

I hope you have a great time on your adventure!

You might want to look into renting a small U-Haul or similar vehicle to get from KC to Boonville. Not sure how much that would be.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip after!
posted Jul 26 2017 11:04AM - Lynn S, KCMO

Just a heads up on shuttles. You must prearrange a shuttle as there are many places on the Katy where you will not be able to use a cellphone. We once waited in Portland for 4 hours on a scheduled shuttle only to find a message on our cell phone stating they were not coming to get us due to a break down on the vehicle. In this case I did my homework on the shuttle and it still failed.

I have been doing out and backs to avoid this with my son by another option is to have one of your group arrive early and leave a vehicle then take a train and ride back towards it. I prefer knowing I have a vehicle at the end no matter what.

Good luck you will enjoy the Katy, it keeps me coming back every year.

posted Aug 2 2017 11:16AM - Craig, Iowa

Taking the train out with your bike then riding back to your car is a great option, until you ride a tandem. The train won't take oversized bikes, so longtails, cargo bikes, tandems are generally out of the question. Now, you -might- get lucky and get that guy who will let you on the train with something longer than usual, and just park it in the aisle up front in the car. I had this happen to me once. In general, though, you can't count on this, and the official policy is standard size single bikes only.

Riding a tandem or longtail such as a Surly Big Dummy tends to limit your options quite a bit when transporting by car or train. Many are set up to handle standard bikes, but not larger stuff.
posted Aug 2 2017 2:13PM - mb, Lees Summit

John and Judy, Hi, I am planning an epic Katy Trail ride as well in September. I will be starting from West Alton, (I plan to dip my tires into the Missouri River) and to the trail head at Machens. I will catch the Rock Island Spur to Pleasant Hill. I have plotted a course from Pleasant Hill to Kansas City ending at the Missouri River where I plan to dip my tires in the river there as well. Can you tell me what course you have mapped out to KC? I have used Map My Ride. Would you like to exchange emails? My email is jacobsrs@mst.edu I am curious as to what kind of plans you have made for your Epic Katy Trail Ride!
posted Aug 3 2017 8:21AM - Roy Jacobs, Rolla,MO

You might want to check out the Hayslor House in Clinton. They shuttle to St Louis as well as KC. Have a great trip!
posted Aug 3 2017 10:20AM - K. Murphy, Chilhowee, MO

Figured out a low cost and (mostly) convenient solution to the shuttle question earlier. We have decided to rent a car from Enterprise while in K.C. and drive ourselves to the nearest Enterprise agent on the trail (Sedalia) and do our return ride on the Katy from there. Total cost is less than 1/2 of what we were quoted for a bike shuttle.
posted Aug 11 2017 10:42PM - John&Judy, Anchorage, Alaska

Should your plans change, Bike Stop Cafe provides shuttle service for the entire trail
posted May 23 2018 5:48PM - Jodi D, Saint Charles

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