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Medford to Leeton trail conditions 9/17 ?

I ride PH to Medford, or some variation in between, pretty often. I don't get down toward Chilhowee or Leeton very often.

I've got some family coming out soon to ride the whole Katy. They are debating PH to Windsor then Katy east, or start at Clinton and skip the RIT.

What are the latest trail conditions out at Chilhowee and east / west of there? Medford to Leeton?

Any recent feedback is appreciated.
posted Sep 3 2017 11:09PM - Matt, Lee's Summit

Ok, so I got curious and decided to check it out in person.

I had heard that the trail was poor out by Chilhowee. Some people had mentioned that the previously coarse rock on the trail out there had indeed been covered by the proper small stuff on top, but that layer had never been rolled or packed down. Reports were that the trail was really soft out there, and a bear to ride.

I drove out to Chilhowee today and rode 20 miles. 5 miles out and back from the Chilhowee trail head in each direction. 10 miles of trail surveyed.

West of Chilhowee, 5 miles: There is notable storm/water damage at 1.4, 2.15, and 4.75 miles west of the Chil trail head parking lot. The trail is passable, but in a few spots at those locations, it might be a pain for someone on a recumbent trike, a road bike with skinny tires, or a child on a small bike. If you're not paying attention and just flying along, you could be surprised on any bike. Nothing earth shattering, but the damage at those points is there and worth paying attention to.

East of Chil, 5 miles ridden:

East is in better shape than west. There was one notable damaged area about 1.6 miles east of Chilhowee. At the 3 mile point, a less notable areathat is damaged but not a huge deal. The trail east seemed, in general, to be in very good shape.

I was impressed that the supposed soft surface was not an issue. Apparently, someone has gone and rolled or packed the trail down properly. I made good time, and was able to average 14 mph+ without trying too hard at all, on a heavy steel 1990's rigid MTB. I could have gone faster if I wanted to push it.

By the way, nice little store in Chilhowee to get a snack
posted Sep 5 2017 1:47PM - Matt, Lee's Summit

From what I understand from Pleasant Hill to Windsor the smaller top layer is down all the way and been rolled. I've been hearing great reports of the trail condition now
posted Dec 18 2017 4:08PM - Kim Henderson, Windsor

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