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Holzhauser's Bar & Grill in Portland

I think the above picture describes the place. It's a dive bar. You have to run the gauntlet of smoke upon entering the place. The barmaid was smoking and a patron was hunched over a beer and a cigarette. Thankfully the dining tables are in the back. The menu was basic sandwiches. Fortunately, they did have ice-cream up by the bar, which I got. I felt uncomfortable there and took off on my bike to finish the day's ride.
posted Sep 13 2017 2:55PM - RTV, Louisville, KY

I have 2 favorite places on the Katy Trail, and both are "dive" bars. That's what makes the Katy Trail so incredible, you can experience real life in central Missouri. The other place is the Bar and Grill in Mokane. Both the Portland Bar and the Mokane Bar make incredible hamburgers. And I have always found the people working at both places friendly and happy to please their customers. And speaking of the customers in these places, I love hearing their conversations, and occasionally being included.
posted Sep 14 2017 8:20AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

I'm curious RTV, what exactly made you feel uncomfortable? I will grant you that they are not the same culinary experience as Abigail's and the chances of them cooking you a vegan meal is pretty much non-existent but they are far from being a threating environment.
posted Sep 14 2017 3:49PM - Jim, St Thomas

I couldn't agree more. The bar in Mokane & the bar in Portland reflect the true blue collar/rural surroundings of Central Missouri. And trust me, they get plenty of Trail traffic, as well as Biker traffic (as in Harley), and they are both good with you showing up. They are expecting you. Just walk in knowing that, Good folks, all of them.
posted Sep 14 2017 10:12PM - A Cyclist, Lee's Summit

I camped at the River's Edge there in Portland in August, 2017 and hung out at the bar for a bit to grab a bite. Yeah, it's "greasy spoon" bar food, but it's got its charm.

The locals and bar staff were friendly. There was karaoke that evening and I was coaxed to come back at 8pm to help get things going (being an outsider and some locals reluctant to engage early). I should have gone to bed, but I went over and had a good time.

The only downside was some of the noise coming out of the bar at closing and my being able to hear it at the campground (I was in a hammock).

It's like a honky-tonk Norman Rockwell come to life.
posted Sep 27 2017 5:51PM - Marc MkKoy, Collinsville

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