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A Caution

For the Bicyclists on the trail and for future reference. Pedestrians are NOT in your way, you are imposing on their Right Of Way. Pedestrians have full ROW, not cyclists so as you access the small towns and bridges if you are approaching people on foot stop get off the cycle, walk past and be courteous. DO NOT YELL OUT "Right OF Way Bikes Coming Thru" You hit a pedestrian YOU are at fault, they stop in front of you on a bridge WALKway as the Hermann Bridge you are imposing in a narrow space not they and you MUST capitulate that ROW to the people on foot.

Under Cycling rules if Upon A Walkway you are to Walk Your Machine, if using the newer bridges they are equipped with spacious added lanes JUST for Bicycles to ride WITH traffic as according to rules of the road.

When I have been scoffed at or treated disrespectfully as I walk the Bridge WALKway I will stop and block the path of a ridden bicycle as that person has NO ROW to tell me to move. They injure myself they will be in court. Read your rules of cycling on Missouri Trails.
posted Oct 6 2017 1:26PM - Cooter50, Hermann

Really? I walk about 300 miles a year on the Katy on the busiest sections (Defiance - St. Chuck) and have NEVER heard a cyclist use the term "Right of Way". Almost all of them are courteous and give me a notice such as "on your left" or "bikes approaching". I respond with a gentle wave of my hand to let them know I heard them.

Maybe you did not intend to, but you come across as someone who hates bicyclists and would intentionally block their passage wherever possible.

As a responsible walker, I stay to the right side, and if in a group, I make sure that we don't take up more than 1/3 of the width of the shared path, and we always walk single file on the bridges.
posted Oct 6 2017 2:28PM - Anonymous, Augusta, MO

Cooter failed kindergarten. Doesn’t share and does not get along well with others.
posted Oct 6 2017 10:54PM - Anonymous

Well cooter50, thanks for the heads up. Should anyone find themselves in court with you, you just provided ample evidence of your intent to create an unsafe situation by blocking the path.
posted Oct 7 2017 2:01AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Cooter, I got nothin for ya, except a question. Where did you get the name cooter????
posted Oct 7 2017 10:50AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Cooter claimed some time back in Episode One that there was a big right of way issue with trees and that he was "just too intuitive as to the world" alluding that he was the only one that noticed. And then warned us all that situational awareness was our only means of safety while on the trail.

Episode Three will surely be as entertaining as the first two.
posted Oct 7 2017 12:17PM - Anonymous

I just googled "cooter" and the word has 2 meanings. One is a turtle, the other is not. Ray, the webmaster, would you google the word and if you see what I saw, I respectfully request that you block this person who has chosen this as their name on this forum. It is offensive.
posted Oct 7 2017 1:56PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Cooter was a character on Dukes of Hazzard. Apparently our Cooter is aptly named. I think we should cut him some slack and Walk a mile in his shoes. How would you behave if you had been hit in the head with a tree?
posted Oct 7 2017 2:08PM - Doug, Bluffton

Oh!! I am sorry I was so harsh with the poor soul. I was not aware of his head injury. My bad.
posted Oct 8 2017 12:55AM - Cathy, Jefferson City

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