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Katy Junction B&B in Pilot Grove

We stayed here because of the positive comments. Jerry's B&B house is about 100 years old, as are many of the B&B's across the country. However, Jerry's smells like it's 100 years old. It could definitely stand a thorough cleaning. I was even dubious about the cleanliness of the sheets and towels. Jerry told us he likes to provide everything he can think of for his guests. He did provide everything, but everything was tainted with dirt, especially his running stream of racist remarks. I will never stay here again.
posted Nov 3 2017 8:31AM - Anonymous

Wow, I can't believe I just read that. I have stayed at nearly all the B&Bs on the trail, and Jerry's is one of the best. The place is kept very clean compared to many, more modern homes. The wood floors and the staircase all appear to be original, but in very good shape. And I have never heard a negative word come from Jerry (who sounds uncannily like Paul Harvey).
posted Nov 3 2017 3:10PM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

Having stayed at Jerry's B&B a few days ago on Oct 30th, Anonymous's comments are totally unfounded. Jerry was friendly, accommodating and gracious, and his home was clean and inviting. On the morning of my departure, he even caught up with his other Oct 30 guests down the trail to make sure they got the items they'd left behind. Anyone who signs a critical comment on a public forum as "Anonymous" has no merit.
posted Nov 6 2017 1:00PM - CurtM, Fort Worth TX

Whoever “Anonymous” is; has really misrepresented a wonderful person and a great B&B. I stayed with Jerry last week and the place was very clean, had a comfortable bed and did NOT smell. Jerry is a retired police officer and Air Force reservist who has not only served his country but community. He loves his country, his community and his fellow man. I met him for the first time in my life last week and after staying with him and indulging in numerous conversations; I never heard him say anything that could be interpreted as racist. I’m sorry that someone has cruelly and anonymously attacked a fine human being and a great B&B. He has had hundreds if not thousands of visitors and most of them are repeat visitors. I would not hesitate to stay there again and if you give any credence to Anonymous I would suggest that you read on down further and see if you don’t find positive review after positive review.

Dr. C. Michael Hobart

posted Nov 7 2017 12:55PM - Mike Hobart, Russellville KY

I just wanted to be another person to un-Anonymously say the Anonymous got it wrong. Jerry is a great host with a great place.
posted Nov 8 2017 9:22PM - ArkyKenny

Plan to stay with Jerry in April. Will give you my objective view.
posted Feb 24 2018 7:31AM - KatyFan, Chesterfield, Mo

Honey, the term "racist" has lost its meaning years ago... please try to be a little more clever next time.
posted Feb 25 2018 11:14AM - John Clark, Jackson Heights,NYC

I just read the last comment from Anonymous and was a appalled. Whoever this Anonymous is, is greatly mistaken. There were 3 of us who stayed at Jerry's B&B first part of Oct 2017. Our stay was wonderful! The place was clean,the pie and breakfast prepared by Jerry was to die for. Jerry, as a host and person, was kind,generous,told great stories. I would recommend Jerry's B&B in a heatbeat.
posted May 27 2018 1:25PM - 1of3KatyTrailRider, Kirkwoo

Hey there! I just have to make a comment here. We have had hundreds of guests over the past few years who have typically spent the night before with Jerry in Pilot Grove. Not once has anyone ever said anything about the cleanliness of his house nor has there ever been any mention of him making racial comments. I'm sorry, anonymous, if you had a bad experience, and frankly, I'm baffled at where your perspective might be coming from. Perhaps if you weren't anonymous there might be some way for Jerry to make amends with you. Leaia Clervi
posted Aug 5 2018 5:01PM - Globe Hotel Bed and Breakfast, Hartsburg

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