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Goodbye Katy Trail

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell the BikeKatyTrail.com community that "Cathy from Jefferson City" is no longer from Jefferson City. Last week my husband and I moved from Jefferson City to Pittsburgh, PA. Our daughter and son-in-law are here and expecting their first baby in late December and we are going to help with child-care.

For those of you who come to this forum on a regular basis, you probably knew that I was a fan of Jefferson City, and that I loved every part of the Katy Trail. I started biking on the Katy trail in 2005 when I retired. This trail is a wonderful gift that Missouri offers to all who care to enjoy it. I will truly miss it, and the good people that live and/or operate businesses along it, and the good people that ride it. Fortunately I now live within easy access to the GAP trail, which is another fantastic Rails-to-Trails bike trail. I will continue to check this forum and probably comment. But I will be "Cathy from Pittsburgh" instead of Jefferson City.

Happy riding to all of you.

posted Nov 7 2017 9:53PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Goodbye and good luck Cathy! You've been a great contributor to the forum and we're really going to miss you.

I hope you enjoy the GAP - and I hope we'll hear from you on the forum at BikeGAP.com / BikeCandO.com.

Thank you for your many helpful comments. Enjoy your grandbaby and good luck in Pittsburgh!

Happy trails!
posted Nov 7 2017 10:40PM - Ray (webmaster)

Big shoes to fill for someone who wants to be the next unofficial tourism director for Jeff City. Thanks for all your tips over the years; they have been helpful to me and my entourage. Will your new assignment be to "Mind the Gap"? :)
posted Nov 8 2017 9:44AM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

Oh....it wasn't hard to tell that you were a fan of Jefferson City!

We've traveled throughout the states to ride rail trails, visit National Parks, and just to see what we yet hadn't seen. Some of our most memorable times have been from places visited that we initially had no idea even existed or were off the beaten path a bit. For you to let others know what your town has to offer, I would hope has been an invaluable resource for those traveling to Missouri to ride our ribbon of a trail across the state. There is so much more to see than bluffs and limestone a few feet off the trail. Thank you for letting us (MO residents included) know what was off the trail in your neck of the woods.

I hope you find and enjoy all the gems in Pittsburgh as well!
posted Nov 8 2017 1:28PM - Anonymous

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. The great thing about this forum and the Katy Trail is that it really is a community. I'll be sure and contunue to give the Katy Trail, Jeff City, and all the great places along the trail (including the Mokane General Store! I never had a bad experience there.) a plug and try to send some folks from here to there. My husband and I are loving it here and I can't wait to get on my bike on the local greenway/trail system and the GAP.
posted Nov 9 2017 10:13AM - Cathy, Pittsburgh, PA

You will be missed for sure. Enjoy that grandbaby, and I hear Pittsburg is a great place to live!
posted Nov 11 2017 12:24PM - KC, Austin

We will most definitely miss seeing your comments on here, but we understand!! Grandkids are pretty awesome!! Happy Trails!!
posted Nov 11 2017 5:13PM - MimiandPapa, Springfield

Wow.. Thanks for all the very helpful post over the years, Good luck in Pittsburg.
posted Nov 15 2017 3:01PM - Billy, Mokane

Don't despair Cathy, you have a wonderful trail nearby in Pittsburgh. It's the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail which runs all the way from Pitt to Washington DC! Here's a link to the GAP forum:
posted Nov 29 2017 10:36AM - Rick, NE Pennsylvania

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