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Rosk Island Spur

I am thinking about plans for a ride next year from KC area to St Charles.
I am not familiar with the new Rock Island Spur. Does this start near the KC are?
About how far from the KC Amtrak is the RIS trailhead? Will there be additional sections completed before May 2018?
posted Nov 13 2017 2:10PM - Mark, NW Arkansas

Use Google Maps and select Pleasant Hill MO. That is the current start of the trail. Then select "Bike" routes in the map options, then directions. Select Lees Summit Amtrak Station. Select "Bicycle". That will give you a route between the two points. Search this site. There have been several postings about cycling between the two points. It is about 10 miles, and most routes have sections with traffic or no shoulder. The RIT currently rides a bit slower than the KT as the surface is not as well packed.
posted Nov 14 2017 10:38AM - Ron_S, Overland Park

There is a FB page The Rock Island Trail at Windsor. Riders have posted their rides from Lee's Summit to Pleasant Hill and the Rock Island Spur. Just recently the top layer has been put down on the RI and rolled from P Hill to Windsor - it's very nice
posted Nov 14 2017 3:48PM - Kim Henderson, Windsor

My parents recently took the Amtrak from Lee's Summit (station code LEE on Amtrak's site) to St. Charles and then rode their bikes back to Pleasant Hill. Currently, Pleasant Hill on the Rock Island Spur is as close as you get to Kansas City. PH is SE of Lee's Summit, a short car drive of maybe 10 or 15 miles by road, approximately. I haven't clocked the actual distance, but it isn't far.

You can take Amtrak to downtown KC, but if the RIT was your interest, Lee's Summit station would be the closest Amtrak stop. I ride the RIT all the time, takes me roughly 20 minutes or so from my LS home to the Pleasant Hill trailhead.

If someone on a long bike ride from STL to KC needed a ride from PH to the LS Amtrak station or vice versa, I might be able to assist. I have a bike rack on my car that could transport two bikes. I've posted on the Mo RIT facebook page, if you're on FB you could contact me. Usually available weekdays, as I work weekends.

posted Dec 10 2017 7:49PM - Matt Brickell, Lee's Summit

Hi, I saw your posting about getting from Lees Summit to Pleasant Hill. I am hoping to drive out to STL next W, take the train from there to Less Summit arriving W night, and am trying to find a way to get a shuttle down to Pleasant Hill to ride from there to Windsor on the RIT then on to Jeff City to pickup the train back to STL and head back home from there. Would you have any availability or if not, any suggestions on how to shuttle to Pleasant Grove? I'd really prefer not to get out on the highway to ride to Pleasant Grove. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
posted Mar 6 2018 11:04AM - Steve Plattner, Cincinnati

If the weather was decent I would pick you up, drop you at PH, and ride the RIT myself. However, Th that week is forecasting rain. Our weather has been alternating between 60's with rain and/or a LOT of wind, or highs in the 40's and below zero at night. Show showers today. You might want to wait a few weeks.
posted Mar 6 2018 5:16PM - Anonymous

Hi, thanks for responding! I am kind of flexible on dates--right now the weather looks better the following week so I am considering coming out there on the train from STL to Lee's Summit sometime like 3/20 or 3/21. I have struck out with finding any shuttle service. Called a bike shop in Lee's Summit but they suggested Uber--trouble is, Uber doesn't offer UberPedal in the metro KC area, so while they can get you to Pleasant Hill trailhead, they can't get your bike there. Any ideas?
posted Mar 6 2018 7:42PM - Steve Plattner, Cincinnati

Email me direct and we will work something out. I have been wanting to do a segment of the RIT on a new bike I built over the winter and I can tie this into taking you to PH.
posted Mar 6 2018 10:33PM - Ron Schauble, Overland Park ks

Thanks very much Ron--I am not sure how to find your e-mail address so here is mine: plattners@gmail.com. I'll wait to hear from you and can call you if that would be easier. Best regards, Steve
posted Mar 7 2018 10:37AM - Steve Plattner, Cincinnati

Amtrak goes right through downtown PH on its way into KC. It would be such a bonus if there was a way to convince Amtrak to add a stop at PH.
posted Mar 25 2018 10:14AM - sharonbikes, Kansas City

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