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2018 state ride

A friend and I are planning to ride the state ride this summer but I know very little about it I have lots of Questions like what gear do you need? How in-shape do you need to be to accomplish this ride? I have never rode with a group what do I need to know? My biggest concern is I am some overweight and am working on losing and exercise but will I be able to do this My longest ride so far has been approx. 30 miles does anyone have advice for preparing for this ride? thanks in advance
posted Dec 23 2017 4:01PM - Sheryll, clinton mo

I hope to see you there! As far as preparing for the ride, the great cyclist Eddie Merkxx said "Ride lots". The more you can ride between now and then, the better. Even riding on a stationary bike during the winter can help.

However unlike Eddie, you won't be racing the Tour de France while on the Katy Trail. You have many hours to complete each day's ride with plenty of time to rest and do some sightseeing. The longest day can be around 70 miles but it's on a flatter part of the Katy.

The biggest mistake I've seen is riders not drinking enough fluids. A few years ago we had a very hot day and something like 5 people had to go to the ER mostly due to dehydration.

It's a group ride, but usually not all that bunched up. You don't need to worry about drafting or anything like that. One suggestion is to not stop on the trail. Move to the side of the trail when you need to stop.

As far as gear, you want to make sure that your bike is in great condition. Take it to a bike shop a couple of weeks before the ride to get it tuned up and things fixed as needed. As far as the type of bike, hybrids work very well. Mountain bikes with knobby tires are a little overkill. Smoother tires can fix that though. What do don't want to have is a skinny tire road bike. I suggest at least 700x32 tires. I weight 215 lbs and they work well for me.

As far as other equipment, make sure that you have a very good tent and have practiced setting it up and tearing it down. There is also the option of using hotels, but that's rather expensive plus takes you away from the campground experiences. I use Padres Cycle Inn tent service myself. padrescycleinn.com

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
posted Dec 24 2017 11:04AM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

Jerry Thanks for the advice I am really excited at the thought of doing the ride this summer I have been using a stationary bike and will get on my bike every time my schedule and the weather allows Looking forward to it
posted Dec 24 2017 2:47PM - Sheryll, clinton mo

I just noticed that you are from Clinton. You certainly have the opportunity to practice riding on the Katy.
posted Dec 25 2017 9:24AM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville


I saw last year's list said you are allowed 2 bags. Does that include your tent? Are you able to take cots?

You said you use padre, do they supply and set up a tent for you?
posted Dec 29 2017 9:02PM - Pat, Wentzville

The two bags include the tent. Anything you bring, except the bikes, have to fit inside the bags. There is a weight limit. You might be able to find some folding cots that will fit, but they will take up a lot of space. Your best bet would be an inflatable air mattress as they are small when deflated. If you are going with a friend and sharing the tent, one bag could be for the tent; the second bag for things like air mattresses; and then a bag each for clothing.

Padres provides a very good tent; set it up and tear it down each day; and also provide inflated air mattresses. They also transport your bags and since you don't have to worry about the tent, you can bring more clothing. They also provide drinks and snacks plus have chairs at the campground. Their large tent easily fits 2 people. The smaller tents are roomy enough for one person; however, I usually get a large tent even when riding by myself.
posted Dec 30 2017 10:13AM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

The 2018 Katy Trail Ride is officially announced.

posted Jan 20 2018 6:11PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

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